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Sue McAlexander's Articles

Enabling the Parent Customer in Bulk Edit

You may notice that when you use bulk edit on Contacts, the Parent Customer field is disabled, not allowing you to assign an Account to a group of Contacts.  You can enable this field by following the instructions included in this post...

Cloning a Custom Entity Record

There are several nice examples that show how to clone a record in MS CRM. Most of the examples I found cloned native entities: Cases, Contacts, Opportunities, etc.

Read this entry to see how to clone a custom entity - and deal with some of the problems you may run into during testing.

CRM Hangs Using IE QuickTabs?

The other day, a collegue brought to my attention that simply having Quick Tabs set in IE7 might cause CRM to hang. Although I have not experienced this, I thought it would be helpful to others to get this out on our blog.  You may be chasing the wrong rabbit trail -- as through debugging, you might be zeroing in on some jscript that might be triggering the problem; a plug in or something else totally unrelated. If you're not sure if you have Quick Tabs set, your IE tabs will look like th ...

"But I Didn't Track That Email!"

You might come across some emails in Outlook that are being tracked, but you never tracked them going out, and they don’t have a tracking token (if your CRM instance is set up to use a tracking token). Is CRM randomly tracking emails it thinks are important? Of course not, CRM is actually behaving, as you, or someone else, has told it to behave. I emphasize “someone else”, as most likely you copied your outbound email to another CRM user in your company that has their Email settings set to Track ...

Modifying a Completed Task Using Workflow

It is true, a completed task cannot be modified with workflow. For some custom billing functionality, we needed to modify an attribute on a task, after it had been completed. Although I knew workflow could not modify it, I thought I had read where a plug in can handle this with no problem. Well, no, a plug in cannot modify a completed task either. What were we to do?      A coworker, who can’t stand to be told “it cannot be done”, found a solution for us… usin ...

Test CRM as a Different User

There are times where it is helpful to test your CRM changes logged in as a different user.   This will allow you to see everything that this user would experience. Of course you can physically log on to the users machine, but a better way is to run a simple batch script that will start the CRM web client and prompt you for the users password. The contents of the .bat script would look like: runas /user:LITWAREINC\PaulW "C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore  http://moss ...

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