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Veeram Raja's Articles

Are you taking advantage of multi-dimensional analytics with OLAP cubes?

Cube Image 2Many companies spend a lot of money, time and effort to build a data warehouse and OLAP cubes, however they start using them to build the same old 2D reports that they were used to from the past. The standard 2D canned reports (Rows and Columns) can be built from any conventional relational database by writing some standard SQL queries. So why use an OLAP (On Line Analytic Processing) cube for such reports?

Time Dimension for Business Intelligence

dim_timeBusiness Intelligence reporting includes the usage of "dimensions." To put it simply, a dimension is a way that you want to "slice" your metrics. For example, you may have a metric of revenue that you want to track. You may want to track this for dimensions such as product (i.e. provide a report of revenue by product), by territory, or by time. The time dimension is one of the most often requested dimensions for business intelligence reporting - but it can also be one of the most complex to implement. This post takes a look at how to create an effective time dimension for your BI project.



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