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Microsoft SharePoint is more than document management. You have a business to run - let our team help you manage the necessary technology and proven processes for success. Our team of business experts has significant experience with the leading ways that sales, customer service, marketing, and operations can leverage SharePoint to generate more revenue, faster.

"It was surprising to know that 60% of organizations are failing at their collaboration projects, including SharePoint.  Sharing their real-world experiences in this area, the C5 Insight team painted a clear picture of what is causing the failures and how rethinking the problem can lead to long-term success.  In the end, it was very helpful in our planning process.” - Steve Montague, Vice President - Sales & Marketing, Midrex Technologies

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Launching a new SharePoint project: SharePoint can transform a business and the employee experience. Nucleus Research reports these projects can deliver a return of $6.12 for every $1 spent. Connect with C5 Insight if you are planning a new project.

Recovering from problem projects: But the reality is that over 60% of SharePoint projects fail - and more than half of businesses report 2 or more failures before attaining the above results. Talk to us about our proven strategies for getting your project back on track.


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Are you using an older version of SharePoint, or another web portal collaboration tool? Then you’re missing a wealth of productivity-enhancing and cost-saving features. Just fill out the form on this page and we'll get in touch to discuss an upgrade.

Transform the Customer Experience

C5 insight has an unparalleled level of experience with Microsoft SharePoint. Our team members have published digital training, run public education courses, and are regularly invited to deliver content at conferences around the world as subject-matter experts on SharePoint, CRM solutions, and business best practices. Since 2002, C5 Insight has invested thousands of hours into helping businesses accelerate adoption of digital workplace and marketing technologies. 

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We can (and do) work with businesses around the world - but we're proud to consider the following markets our home:

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