Now that you have deployed Microsoft Teams (MS Teams) within your organization, governance is becoming an issue. If you are allowing sites to be created by user self-creation, you may consider restricting self-creation and require users to request new sites. 

Regardless, you still need to know how to determine if a new MS Team site is necessary. 

Making the decision to create a new MS Teams site is easy as 1, 2, 3!

Features and Functions of Microsoft Teams

MS Teams has a variety of features and functions that each Team can benefit from:

But when is it time to start a new Team? Let's find out.

When To Deploy A New Microsoft Teams Site

If you are trying to decide whether a new MS Teams site is necessary, simply answer this question: "How many people am I sharing information with?" 


1. No Sharing of Documents

If you are working on a document alone, and no others need to collaborate on the document, a new MS Team site is not necessary. 

Use OneDrive to store your document to work on it for easy, personal access as needed. An MS Team site is not needed if a document, or many documents, are not being shared with others. 

Keep it simple and leave your personal documents and files in OneDrive, otherwise, they will clutter a Team site.


2. Sharing With One Person

You have a document that requires collaboration from a colleague. Open a one-on-one chat in MS Teams and share the document with them. 

Within each chat on MS Teams, you have the ability to share multiple documents with a single person. Those documents are shared with the two of you. Each person can open the document to make updates. Again, no need to create a new MS Team site since you can share documents together and chat about the documents in the one-to-one chat.

See where documents were shared between Megan and Nester in the screenshot below. This is not a MS Team site, instead, it is a chat where they are sharing documents together.


3. Sharing With Multiple People

If you need to share many documents with multiple people, where all people involved are working on a common goal, you may consider creating a new MS Team site. 

Share all of your documents, collaborate about the documents, add channels to segment the conversations about different aspects of a project, and track progress using Planner or a SharePoint task list. Once you go beyond sharing with one person, a wide-variety of possibilities are available using a MS Team site.

Below, the HR department uses a MS Team site for different areas of the Human Resources department to work as a group.


Using Microsoft Teams in Your Business

MS Teams offers a wealth of functions and features that should be deployed with a vision and governance. Otherwise, your organization could end up with a large number of teams, which could cause a lot of noise and cause confusion across your organization. 

Roll out new Teams slowly with good governance in place. To avoid cleaning up and redeploying MS Team sites, always deploy with a plan. Rework and clean-up efforts are costly. Take time to create a vision for your company and introduce governance with your deployment.

Download our free Microsoft Teams Deployment and Governance Guide to learn how you can collaborate better, today!