In the new age of Digital Transformation, new opportunities continue to present themselves. New updates, software, apps, solutions, AI, tools...etc. are constantly circling the digital workplace. As a result, new jobs are created so new technology can be effectively put to work and monitored.

Many companies will introduce intranets to their employees to encourage employee engagement and collaboration. One role that may be overlooked during the deployment of an intranet is a Content Manager. Content Managers should be an intentional and strategic part of your deployment plan for a new intranet.

Intranet Content Managers

An intranet is an excellent resource for communicating company news, employment news, showcasing or spotlighting employees, document sharing, displaying corporate events, etc. As part of being the point person for publishing this content, a Content Manager is also responsible for:

  • Developing a content strategy
  • Planning and coordinating content
  • Creating content
  • Updating content
  • Monitoring and controlling content
  • Monitoring intranet traffic

Your intranet should always have a strategy for when, where, and by who information should be published. Without designated Content Managers, it's assumed that someone else is always posting information—and assuming anything can lead to countless oversights.

Monitor Intranet Traffic

If your company wants more traction, engagement, and collaboration on your intranet, assigning Content Managers will certainly help. Content Managers publish information in specific locations on your intranet at predetermined times with the intent of delivering a specific message to a target audience.  








Your Content Manager should be able to collect analytics about the traffic on your intranet to determine areas where content could be more engaging, posted more often, or published in a different method. 

Part of owning effective content management is understanding your target audience. When a Content Manager publishes information and the engagement with the article of news is low, it's their responsibility to review the shared content and poll the audience to determine a better, more engaging method for the next article.

Content Timeliness

In the world of real estate, the phrase you repeatedly hear as a determining factor related to the property price is, "Location, Location, Location". For the purpose of sharing enterprise content, the key factor for valuable engagement is timing.

Consider a 1990's version of an employee newsletter published internally at your company. In the 90's, a company newsletter was the best thing since sliced bread. Employees were able to get a message from the CEO, learn about new job postings, see who was promoted, learn about upcoming corporate events, etc. 

There was only one problem with a printed publication of this kind of newsletter—olds news; all of the information published was from the month before. One great asset of the Digital Age is an intranet, which allows a Content Manager to send out company news with a strategy when the information is new and relevant. 

New News Only

Content Managers are in charge of sharing newsworthy content in a timely, engaging manner. For example, here are a few company updates worth sharing:

A new job posting is available—consider it "Employment News" and publish it in the designated area of your intranet on the day of the opening. 

  • The job posting is posted as soon as the job is available and includes a date range when applications will be accepted. Once the job is no longer available, the post is removed.

The CEO wants to deliver a message to the workforce—schedule a "Town Hall" meeting and broadcast it over Microsoft Teams.

  • When the meeting is in progress, anyone can watch it and ask questions of the CEO. Make sure to record the meeting as well then repost it for employees who were out of the office to watch at their convenience.

The new person in HR has a baby—announce it in the "People News" area of your intranet the day of or the day after the arrival of the baby.

  • The announcement of a new baby is posted as soon as possible for the most engagement and relevance.

Each piece of content has a designated area on the intranet allowing employees to know where to find different types of information or news. Additionally, the information is posted when the news is most relevant, and not a month after it happens.

Manage ROT

With any intranet, ROT— Redundant, Outdated, Trivial—data can increasingly become a problem. When employees are searching for the most recent news or events, but their search results include information from 2001…you need a Content Manager. 

Content Managers constantly review and remove outdated data to ensure only the most applicable results show up in user searches. A Content Manager focuses on sharing relevant, useful, and valuable information for employees. 

For example, if you had an event that took place in January of 2019, how long is this information relevant, useful, or valuable? The answer may vary depending on your organization, but a Content Manager is going to clean up all data within a specified timeframe to keep information from becoming ROT.


Content Managers implement a company’s content strategy across the intranet; they ensure the right digital content, of the right quality, is published in a timely manner. Being a Content Manager combines both editorial and programming work. Generally speaking, this means planning and creating content as well as updating and monitoring. 

If you have low intranet traffic, your employees are not engaging with your intranet, the information on your intranet is outdated, or your employees are looking for information they cannot find, consider assigning Content Managers to designated areas of your intranet. You have made the investment in the technology, now make the investment in the talent to manage it.

C5 Insight offers a wealth of services including, but not limited to, coaching Content Managers or serving in that particular role as you evaluate the internal need for effective content management. Lean on C5 Insight in the interim until you make the long-term decision. We would be honored to partner with you and your company to better manage your content.