One of the many, awesome add-ons available for Office 365 (depending on your subscription) is called MyAnalytics. Known as the “fitness tracker for work”, MyAnalytics never got much attention because previously, it was only available to the very highest subscriptions (Enterprise E5). Microsoft has now made MyAnalytics available to almost all Office 365 subscriptions!  

Office 365 MyAnalytics Available for the Masses!

Per the roadmap:

The MyAnalytics Dashboard will be made available to everyone using Office 365 and Microsoft 365 Enterprise and Business suites that include Exchange Online, specifically Microsoft 365 E5, E3, Business, Office 365 E5, E3, E1, Business Premium and Business Essentials.

Microsoft MyAnalytics

What do you have to do to use Microsoft MyAnalytics? Nothing! Here are 2 main components for your information:

  1. Outlook add-in called “Insights.”
  2. The MyAnalytics Dashboard.

Microsoft MyAnalytics monitors and reviews all of your work activity in email, Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, and OneDrive. Then, it analyzes the behavior from those data points to find patterns. You can view all of your information in the MyAnalytics Dashboard with suggestions to change your work patterns to be more efficient in meetings, schedule focus time, minimize excessive emailing...etc.

Office 365 MyAnalytics Dashboard

Go to Outlook, click Insights, and see what MyAnalytics suggests for you. 

Next, go to Dashboard, and check out all your work patterns and personal insights. 

Start by creating some focus time and get your work done today!

MyAnalytics Suggestions MyAnalytics Suggestions

You can read more about Microsoft MyAnalytics on their website with links to learn more, watch videos, and get some cool infographics.