It’s our tradition at C5 Insight to say thank you to our clients, partners and friends each year on St. Patrick’s Day.

🍀 Happy St. Patrick's Day! 🍀


Why St. Patrick’s Day?

At C5 Insight, our secret sauce is The LUCK Principle™. We’ve spent years discovering the secrets of using digital tools to create better relationships – with employees, customers, or anyone else. Forming relationships is a matter of listening to people and remembering what they say, deeply understanding those people so you can, connect with them using consistent but personalized approaches and knowing the results so you can constantly improve.

Listen, Understand, Connect and Know – that’s LUCK. And what better time could there be than St. Patrick’s Day to celebrate LUCK?

We’ve found LUCK works for every type of communication and every type of relationship. It can be used in customer relationship management (like Dynamics 365 and Salesforce), intranet portals (like SharePoint and Office 365), employee engagement, meetings (we call it LUCKstorming™), sales process design, team accountability (we call it LUCKscore™), customer experience, sales and service training, journey mapping – even in thinking about your personal goals and your inner voice!

If you want to learn more about LUCK, you can click here to buy The LUCK Principle on

The Annual St. Pat’s Gift

For our closest clients and partners*, we like to send out a small token of our appreciation each year. This year we’re particularly excited to share the story behind the gift.

While traveling to keynote an event in South Africa, one of our team members toured some of the largest slums (called shanties in South Africa) in the world, and visited with a few businesses that are working to create opportunities for those living in the shanties. Touched by this situation, the C5 team decided to use our annual St. Pat’s gift as a small way to offer support.


The result is this very unique and cool looking business card wallet that is also kind to our environment, while creating opportunities to permanently improve the lives of those who need a chance.

We hope you’ll love the business card holder. We hope it will remind you to be Powered by LUCK™ in every relationship. And we hope you’ll consider ordering corporate gifts from Wren Design (click here to visit the Wren website).

Wren_BTS_Fatima at her sewing machine

* If we missed remembering to send you one, please accept our sincere apologies. We have to filter through thousands of people to build our list each year, and sometimes we miss sharing the love with a VIP like you! Just reach out to someone you know at C5 Insight and we’ll be sure to get you a wallet while supplies last.

Thank You!

C5 Insight’s mission is to create more people-centric digital workplaces that are Powered by LUCK. And we couldn’t do that without you!

So thanks to those of you who connect with us. Whether you are a long-time customer, a newcomer, a trusted partner, or just someone who follows our blog. It is a privilege that you are engaged with us and we appreciate you!