With any LUCK, I’m sure your users are actively using SharePoint Search to discover and find content. Sooner or later, they will struggle to find whatever it is they are looking for. Search, after all, is only as good as the query you put into it. Crawl rules can quickly create relevant results, thus, increasing the likeliness that users continue using Search.

Get More Relevant SharePoint Search Results with Only 2 Crawl Rules!

Users complain that when they search for a particular "how-to" Wiki article about ERP software, only irrelevant results display:

Irrelevant search results in SharePoint

Taking a closer look, all of the results are from the same library, but each one returning a different view. Boo! Only one view is needed for Search to crawl the pages and return results. The solution is to exclude all views except the "All Items" view using only two crawl rules.

In Central Administration, go to: Search Service Application > Crawl Rules.  

Rule 1. Include only the "All Items" view.
Rule 2. Exclude all other views, but only in this library.  

The include rule is the direct URL to the "All Items" view, but for the "Exclude Everything Else View", use a pattern match like this:


Create a SharePoint crawl rule exclusion

Exclude everything, but only bring back the "All Items" view. When complete, it will look like the screenshot below. The "Include First As Crawl" rules are processed top down:

SharePoint 2013 search crawl exclusion rules

Now, when searching the same request from earlier, everything listed is a proper page and relevant library view:

Improved SharePoint search results

To use this method for ALL of your sites and libraries, use the following include pattern:



Edit the result source and add the following:


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