Have you ever been using a SharePoint calendar with recurring events then noticed some events started showing with a title of “Deleted:”?  I’m going to show you a quick way to hide these events from a view.

The Situation

You have a SharePoint calendar, and you create some recurring events like daily scrums or weekly staff meetings.  This creates an event for the series, as well as an event instance of the series for each recurrence of the event.  Let’s say that Tuesday’s meeting is cancelled, so you delete that instance of the event for Tuesday.  It disappeared, no problem.  However, switch to the All Events view and let’s take a look:

Calendar Deleted Items

If you delete the “Deleted:” item, the recurrence you deleted for Tuesday comes back.  So the Deleted titled event needs to stay but how do you filter it out?

If we look at the filter options available for the view, notice there is no option that says “starts with”.

The Fix

We need to do two things to easily fix this without any javascript or code:

  1. Create a calculated column to determine if the item starts with the world Deleted
  2. Setup the view filter to use this column to get rid of the item

Go to the list settings, and click Create Column, and choose Calculation, returning the value as text.  The name of the column can be Truncated Title.  For the formula, we want to use this:


This creates a text column that looks like this:

Deleted Calendar Item

Now go edit your view, and for the filter, set it where the Truncated Title column is not equal to Deleted:. 

Filter Out Deleted Calendar Item

Click Save, and our delete item is gone!