Easily Check Available Property Values in Microsoft Flow

When creating any Microsoft Flows, sooner or later you are going to need to use values from user profile properties like Email Address, Name, Department, etc.  You are wondering two things:

  1. What properties can I access easily without additional steps?
  2. What is the value of those properties?

Once you know those two things you can know if you need to do additional steps to accomplish your requirements for your Flow. 

What User Profile Properties Are Available?

The first thing you need to know is that by default without doing anything else, not all profile property fields are available.  You can see what is available by just clicking into a subsequent action to use a value:

Microsoft Flow Available User Profile Properties

What is the Value of Those Properties?

Next thing is to see what those values are set for.  You could just fill out an email and fill in the properties but there is an easier way.  Just run a test of your flow that has the Get SharePoint Items action then look at the run history.  In the properties of your flow, click Test in the upper right, and say “I’ll perform the trigger action”.  This basically bypasses the initial trigger mechanism (i.e. having to edit or create a document, etc) and runs your Flow. 

Then just expand your Get SharePoint Items action and look at the Outputs.  It will show the value of all properties including the user profile properties.  Scroll through the list and look for your people picker field or Created by (Author) or Modified by (Editor):

Microsoft Flow Available User Profile Property Values

There you go!  Now you know how you will need to adjust to meet your needs to get what you need.  If you want to get the full list of profile properties, you will need to use Get my profile or Get user profile actions:

Microsoft Flow Get Profile Actions

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