According to Merriam-Webster, a fact is something that has actual existence. And the usage example provided is: space exploration is now a


It’s an interesting example because there was a time when space exploration existed only in the realm of fiction writers. It was part of an imagined future.

About Microsoft SharePoint

Many of the technologies that are readily available and in general use today were mere fiction a decade or two ago. Such is the case with Microsoft SharePoint, once an imagined future, now a functional reality. Let’s cut through the hype and get right down to the facts.

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What Is Microsoft SharePoint?

Just the facts…

SharePoint was launched by Microsoft in 2001 as a Web-based collaborative platform, an intelligent intranet that integrates with Microsoft Office. While it is a fact that


is primarily sold as a document management and storage system, it is highly configurable and has been developed to provide far greater functionality. We’ll take a look at that fact in a moment.

According to Microsoft, SharePoint has 190 million users across 200,000 customer organizations.

What Does SharePoint Do?

…and nothing but the facts.

  • SharePoint provides a single infrastructure for all your business Websites so you can share documents with colleagues, manage projects with partners, and publish information to customers.
  • SharePoint delivers cutting-edge collaboration tools and a single platform to manage them, making it easy for people to share ideas and work together with the way they want.
  • SharePoint sets up “behind the scenes” compliance measures with features such as document types, retention policies, and automatic content sorting. Once these measures are in place, users can then work naturally in Microsoft Office.

SharePoint Facts

  • SharePoint offers search capabilities that cut through the clutter, with a combination of relevance, refinement, and social cues to find the information you want and the contacts you need to get the job done.
  • SharePoint is available on the web, on mobile devices, and can sync documents to local hard drives for anywhere, anytime access.
  • SharePoint provides access to the information available in databases, reports, and business applications, thereby providing actionable business intelligence and insights.
  • SharePoint offers tools and components for building codeless solutions on the fly and rapidly responding to new and evolving business needs.

Get the facts and nothing but the facts.

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