When selling on Amazon, there are generally two main paths to follow: A “Seller” has more visibility into the details of transactions, as well as more control over the fulfillment process. A “Vendor” is a more traditional model, where Amazon buys the goods from the wholesaler, and then sells them on their own terms (pricing and fulfillment is in their control). For many wholesalers/manufacturers, the latter presents a more familiar landscape, and many will choose to forego the control over the sales transaction. 

amazon powerbi dynamics 365 integration comment

Let’s take a look at how we can integrate Amazon with PowerBI to make better decisions and deliver better experiences.

Listening to Customers

One of the upsides to selling on Amazon is the rich set of data that is available to both Vendors and Sellers.  But by enlisting a couple of third party sites, I was able to help a Vendor company retrieve data about product reviews.

PowerBI and Amazon Comments

Retrieving the data was only the first step – the listening step.  Step two was to understand the data through analysis.  Enter PowerBI.

I created a visual, below, to illustrate the baseline of reviews over time to management. As you can see, there were a large number of 4 and 5 star reviews, but there was also a steady pulse of reviews with 3 or fewer stars.

PowerBI - Amazon Reviews Over Time

Amazon + PowerBI = Better Customer Connections

The next step was to transform this analysis into action.  We know that reviews of 3 or fewer stars drag the average down – and low ratings hurt sales.  So, how to turn these scores around?

I’ll cover the specifics in a follow-up blog. But the gist is this – we wanted to respond to each of those customers to resolve their issues and improve their experience.  And we wanted to automate that process to ensure that nothing slipped through the cracks, and that issues were addressed consistently and quickly.

PowerBI and Dynamics 365

Listen, understand and connect (above) are the first 3 parts of The LUCK Principle. C5 Insight specializes in creating customer engagement that is “Powered by LUCK.” 

LUCK for Customer Engagement Experience

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