Case Studies in Dynamics 365 CRM Customer Service

CRM software touts its ability to manage 3 areas of your business: Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service. My experience has been that most companies implement a CRM solution to automate and enhance their Sales and Marketing efforts. Customer Service is often an afterthought. And that’s a pity. Because once you’ve attracted all of those new customers by implementing the superpowers of your Sales and Marketing engines, how can you possibly expect to retain them without providing superior Customer Service?

I can answer that question for you. You can’t! If you don’t offer amazing Customer Service, your customers will walk right down the road to find a company that has figured out that:

Customer Satisfaction is the New King

Once upon a time, cash was king. That is no longer the case. No one buys a refrigerator with cash and no one pays for their Amazon purchases with cash. The new king is customer satisfaction. I’ll give you a simple example based on a recent online shopping experience that reminded me of “Goldilocks and the Three Bears.”

3 Case Studies in Customer Service

3 Case Studies in CRM Customer Care

I needed to purchase water shoes for an upcoming National Geographic adventure that will involve hopping into and out of zodiacs in shallow water. I ordered a pair from Amazon (with free shipping of course) but they were too big. So I printed out the return shipping label, took them to the Post Office, and sent them back for a full credit. A piece of cake!

Next, I went to the REI Web site (a very reputable outdoor gear company) and ordered a pair. But they were too small! I looked at the shipping document for return instructions and was directed to the REI Web site, where I found the following instructions: Please address your return to …. And they provided the address. I had to make out my own label and take it to UPS so that I’d have a shipping receipt, and it cost me $16 to ship those too snug shoes back. More than one third the price of the shoes. Well, I’ll never shop REI again!

Finally, I went to The North Face Website which promised free shipping and free returns. I was impressed and relieved. I ordered a third pair of water shoes which arrived in a lovely box that contained a ready-to-use return label. After my REI experience, that convenience was truly welcome. As luck would have it, the North Face water shoes were a perfect fit. As Goldilocks found out, 3’s a charm. Now, I’m a happy camper and a devoted North Face customer, where I plan to buy all of my outdoor gear in the future. And that’s why I want to tell you about:

Taking Your CRM to the Next Level with Microsoft Dynamics 365

I’m going to be brief because this blog post is already a bit on the long side and I want to respect your time. The bottom line is that the CRM application in Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the best ever solution Microsoft has released since they entered the CRM market in 2002 (which coincidentally is the same year that C5 Insight was founded).

Our goal has always been to create contagiously engaged employees that transform the customers’ experience. And our team has always been fiercely passionate about helping businesses do that with the top of the line CRM systems.

Contact C5 Insight today for more information about Dynamics 365 for CRM. Give us a ring at 704-895-2500 or use our contact form to reach out. You’ll be glad you did.