Before starting to work on Intranet and CRM projects, I managed a call center.  Later, I helped to implement new processes and technologies to modernize a call center.

Today, most call centers now call themselves Customer Care. But most of them are continuing to use outdated processes and technology that doesn’t deliver the freedom that their reps need in order to deliver a truly great customer care experience. New solutions that have become available in the last 4-8 years can truly revolutionize how we care for customers.

So here I offer up an open letter to many of the Customer Care Managers that I have met over the years in hopes that it may inspire a few to consider the new options available to them.

Digital CRM Customer Care Letter


Dear Mr./Ms. Contact Center Leader,

Thank you for the opportunity to visit your facilities. It was a pleasure to meet you and your staff. Below are my suggestions based on observations of your workforce.

Customer Self-Service Portal

A self-service portal allows customers to update their profile information and make service changes as needed. Possible self-service options: authorized user changes, reset passwords, submit trouble tickets, view status of trouble tickets, request a call back, update mailing address, make changes to their service subscriptions, etc. A portal saves your team time, delivers an experience that many of your customers prefer, and results in more accurate and timely updates to customer information.

Knowledge Base (KB)

A KB would give your customers the power to search for solutions to their problems on-demand. Customer knowledge is a process of collecting, collating, and using the data that customer’s leave online. Using this type of data gives your company insight into: browsing history, buying patterns, search behavior, and other analytical information used to enhance customer interaction.

Social Engagement

Become socially engaged by being social. Make it real. Make it social. Let your customers connect with you on social channels. Your company has an online presence, but customers do not engage often. Give your customers reason to engage. Allow the customers to know your Executive Staff members or your CEO. Give your company a face and a voice. Be real to the customer.

Expand Your Metrics

Measure your agents on what matters. Build a clear understanding of what matters to the company. Then, build parameters to measure what matters. Involve your Customer Contact agents. The Quality Assurance team and Customer Contact agents should calibrate at set intervals.

Give your agents access to a “Library of Excellence” where they can review the top-rated call recordings on a weekly schedule. Give agents access to their own reviewed and rated call recordings. A Quality Assurance team is a great idea, but it’s hard to keep up when you have 60+ Customer Contact agents and only 4 Quality Assurance team members. Empower agents by allowing access to their own call reviews.

Connect Across Customer-Facing Teams

Break down the technology silos between your customer facing teams. In some cases, you even have separate applications within teams (such as one application for social interaction and another for web-based service).  Explore options for integrated applications that not only deliver the above benefits, but that also provide visibility into customer interactions across sales, marketing and your customer care teams. Your teams will be able to make better decisions as they interact with customers, and your customers will experience more efficient and relevant interactions.

It was my pleasure to visit your facility and spend time with your staff. I hope to work with you on a personalized implementation strategy for the items above.

Thank you,



Do any of the items in the letter resonate with you?  I encourage you to explore the many options that have become available in recent years. The customer care world is transforming into a more customer-first, digital workplace.  Don’t get left behind.

Contact C5 Insight if you’d like to discuss modernizing your customer care processes and technology.