Why Should my Company Introduce Enterprise Social Networking?

Over the past decade, companies have attempted to address knowledge "silos".  The days of searching through filing cabinets, looking through handbooks, printing memos, sending memos via email and departments resisting the need to share information with other departments are GONE. Employees need up-to-date information accessible on a laptop, mobile phone, or PC.


Organizations are getting many benefits from Enterprise Social Networking. Here are 3 reasons that will add value to your overall company.

  • Employee Collaboration
  • Increased Efficiency
  • Improved Culture & Morale

Successful Enterprise Social Collaboration

Employee Collaboration

The #1 key factor to successful COLLABORATION is Communication. Communication is a frequent problem that many businesses face. When the communication problem infects your company all channels of communication are impacted:

  • Within departments
  • Between departments
  • Between management and personnel
  • Between employees and customers


Empowering employees to collaborate allows them to become informed and connected. Employees become productive, effective and happier at their jobs. By introducing Enterprise Social Networking to your employees they are up-to-date on:

  • Latest company news
  • Announcements
  • Industry-relevant articles
  • Operational updates
  • Best practices
  • Informal & formal learning experiences
  • Project feedback


Enterprise Social SharePoint Office365 Productivity Efficiency Business Case

Improved Efficiencies

Once Enterprise Social Networking is integrated within your company productivity moves from slow and stagnant to interactive and up-to-date. Company productivity improves and communication channels open.

  • Projects are pushed forward
  • Emails are reduced
  • Unnecessary meetings eliminated
  • Central repository for documents
  • Collaborative learning
  • All information stored in one location
  • Information is searchable


In the past, "Social" and "Work" are words at odds. This is no longer true. Enterprise Social Networks break down communication barriers. Employees become informed and connected. Productivity increases.