It’s a fact: using images with your SharePoint blogs and articles improves readership. But finding just the right image can be tough – particularly if you don’t have a budget.  Here are some websites where you can download free images that are professional quality.

Free Photos for Intranet Articles Blog SharePoint Office 365

Images on Your Intranet: Keep it Real

Before hitting you with the list of links – keep in mind that using real images of you, team members, customers, products, etc, is generally the best approach. People like to see what is familiar. But sometimes you want to illustrate a point, or you need something professional, and a picture from your mobile phone just won’t do the trick.

8 Free SharePoint Image Sites for Blogs and Articles

Okay, you’ve decided that you do, indeed, need a professional image.  Here is a list of sites that we’ve found that have some good ones.  One thing to note: sometimes the search feature on these sites is subtle – look carefully and you’ll find it.

Searching for More Free Intranet Images

What if you can’t find just the right image in the above list?  No worries.  Both Bing and Google include image search, and if you click on the “Filter” option you can select to search for images that are licensed as free, creative commons or public domain.


Now go and make your employee communications blogs more beautiful than ever (and get your people reading them!)