Do your users complain that they don't want to create an opportunity every time that they qualify a lead for in Dynamics 365 for Sales?  Yea, I thought so!

Do Not Create Opportunity Qualify Lead Dynamics 365



Please note that Microsoft has recently made updates that may mean you no longer need this solution. If you are on a recent version of Dynamics 365 for Sales, check out this document from Microsoft to see if you can use this recently re-introduced feature:

If the linked solution doesn't work for you, then read-on for more information.


Problems with Lead Qualification in Dynamics 365

Here are a few common scenarios we run into:

  • You come back from a trade show.  Three people from the same company visit your booth and you had a great talk with all of them about your product.  Now you're back and you want to convert all 3, but only create one opportunity.

  • Inside Sales passes along a web lead.  After a bit of searching, you find that the company is already in Dynamics 365, but the contact isn't.  And you already have an active opportunity for them.  You want to convert the lead so you can track them as a contact, but you don't want to create another opportunity.

  • Someone imported a list and a lead was created that duplicates a contact you're already working with.  Permissions don't allow users to delete leads, and you don't want it set to "disqualified" because that wouldn't be accurate for reporting.  You really just want to link it to the right account and contact, and then set it to qualified without creating an opportunity.

You're stuck having to delete opportunities, or keep unconverted leads that really shouldn't be leads.

If you're looking for some DIY (do it yourself) options for better lead conversion, you can check out this blog on 6 ways to convert and qualify leads in Dynamics 365.

Custom Solution - Lead Conversion for Dynamics 365

But if you're looking for a more robust solution that you can quickly install and improve user productivity, we've just rolled one out!

Dynamics 365 Lead Qualification Conversion Without Opportunity

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