The mobile version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM was initially introduced with CRM 2013. But Microsoft has been quietly expanding the functionality. Now Microsoft CRM Mobile is truly a cross-platform mobile app that any mobile sales, service or marketing worker will want to use.

Video Overview

Watch this 4 minute video for a quick walk through of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 U1 mobile experience.

Mobile Dashboards

Dashboards, including click-through to CRM records, are available in mobile CRM. Your team will instantly be able to see their pipeline, productivity goals and other critical information whenever they open CRM on their mobile device. And they will be able to click on their dashboards to find the underlying CRM records.

Screenshot - Dashboard with lead photo in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 mobile Online U1

Embedded Processes

Business process flows are available on mobile devices. Your team can now be guided through processes even when they are on their phone or tablet to ensure that best practices are always followed.

Click here to learn more about business process flows in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016.

Offline Capable

The new mobile offline capabilities enable users to access CRM data on their mobile device even when they are not connected to the Internet.  Records can be viewed, updated, and added records while using the mobile apps offline--without having to save changes or additions as drafts first. Enhanced conflict detection means a smoother integration experience between offline and online CRM data.

Word Mail-Merge

Want your users to be able to easily create a quote while working in the field? The mail-merge capabilities in CRM have not only been enhanced, but they work on mobile devices. Just create a template, share it with users, and in a few clicks from their mobile device, they can produce a quote, contract, account summary or any other document that you create a template for.

Click here to learn more about the Microsoft Word integration with Dynamics CRM 2016 U1.

And a Whole Lot More

That just scratches the surface of the mobile experience available to users of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 U1 Online.  Here are a few other capabilities:

  • Integrated SharePoint documents – view and open documents directly within mobile CRM
  • Quick tasks – want to have your users follow a specific series of steps after a sales visit? Quick tasks work with mobile devices to capture data that can then be stored anywhere in CRM

Screenshot: Quick tasks in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 U1 Mobile

  • Phone integration – click on a phone number and your mobile phone automatically opens up a phone call task for note taking, and dials the number
  • Touch-friendly forms – make it fast and easy for your users to enter data, view videos, navigate to websites or capture user signatures with custom controls made just for mobile CRM

Screenshot: Touch friendly data entry CRM 2016 Mobile

Is your team using mobile CRM yet? Are they using one of the other mobile options? What has your experience been?