Dynamics CRM has always featured integration with Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel. But recent updates have made this integration much more powerful and flexible.

90 Second Video: Dynamics CRM 2016 Integration with Microsoft Word and Excel

Here is a 90 second overview of how the integration between Word, Excel and CRM can make your team more productive.

Some of the highlights of integration include:

Line Item Data Entry (Excel and Microsoft CRM)

One of our clients was using a separate CRM solution for part of their team because it took so long to update a list of opportunities in Microsoft CRM. When we showed them that any CRM list can now be updated in Excel, they about fell out of their chairs!

That productivity boost goes for any list in CRM.  If you want to quickly update a list of leads, contacts or accounts, you can do it with Excel now.

Easier Dashboard Generation (Excel and Microsoft CRM)

Similarly, anyone can now create CRM reports and dashboards in Microsoft Excel, and embed them directly into the CRM interface. Excel is still the most popular business intelligence tool in the world, so making it easy for the whole team to create and share Excel dashboards and reports for CRM is a no-brainer.

Screenshot - Excel Dashboard for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Case

Fast Mail-Merge Creation (Word and Microsoft CRM)

Creating a Microsoft Word mail-merge document has been in CRM for a while. But the revisions to this process make it much faster and easier to create an email template, including making it easy to include related information from sub-records. In other words, if you use quotes in CRM, you can now create a mail-merge quote that includes all line-items from the quote directly in the mail-merge document.

Fast Mail-Merge Generation (Word and Microsoft CRM)

Not only are mail-merge documents easier to create, they are also easier to generate. Just navigate to the record that you want to create a document for, select the document from the available list and CRM creates the document and downloads it to your computer (just like downloading any document from the internet).

Mobile CRM Mail-Merge (Word and Microsoft CRM Mobile)

This is one of the hidden gems. Mail-merge works with CRM on your mobile device too. Last week I was presenting a proposal to a prospect and realized I had forgotten to generate our Master Services Agreement. No problem: I just navigated to their account on my mobile phone, clicked the Word Merge button, selected the template and emailed it to them.

Screenshot: Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 Mobile Mail Merge using Microsoft Word

How are you using the Word and Excel integration with Microsoft CRM?