One of the most important upgrades that Microsoft has added to Dynamics CRM since CRM 2011 is business process flows – or the ability to visually see and follow business processes.

Video - Business Process Flows in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

About Relationship Processes

Relationship processes – such as sales, marketing and customer service – are unique. Like other business processes, they must be rigid so that they can be repeated, improved, measured and scaled. Unlike other processes, they must also be flexible so that they can address the human element. 

Video - Business Process Flows in Microsoft Dynamics CRM Support a balance of rigid and flexible processes

The simple way to remember this: customer-facing processes should be like a wheel: rigid at the cord and flexible at the edges. And they should have RIMS (repeatable, improvable, measurable and scalable).

Video: Business Process Flows in CRM

Here is a 3 minute video to provide a very brief overview of the power of business process flows in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

If you’re still on CRM 2011 or earlier, you should consider upgrading so your team can benefit from business process flows. If you’ve already upgraded and you’re not using business process flows, you should take the time to upgrade your processes.


How is your team applying business process flows?