digital marketingIt’s no secret, there are countless marketing tools out there that promise to allow marketers of today to do more, faster and provide boosts in sales, improved social media presence, etc.  The plethora of options out there can be both overwhelming and intimidating when looking to make a decision on what tools to implement in your system.

However, if your organization is already using Microsoft Dynamics CRM, look no further for useful marketing tools than within Microsoft’s offerings. Microsoft Dynamics Marketing and Social Engagement, together, have the power to ramp up both your marketing efforts and social media presence to truly allow you to do more, faster.

Today, we’ll highlight some of the signature features of both tools and cover how they can work together to bring you efficiency like no other.



Microsoft Social Engagement

One thing Microsoft most certainly does not lack is some fancy widgets in its marketing tools.  Both Social Engagement and Dynamics Marketing have set the stage for impressive Analytics through multiple means.  In Social Engagement, the Analytics home page boasts a bold UI with nine unique widgets that can be clicked to further drill down into specific information.  In Dynamics Marketing, widgets can be displayed on your home page to show important data such as budget usage, lead performance, campaign effectiveness, and so much more! Dynamics Marketing can even create widgets to display data from Power BI and Social Engagement.  With this integration, Microsoft offers you the ability to gain insights from multiple applications in one place, making it easier to keep tabs on all of your important metrics.


Post Scheduling/Monitoring

social media interactionOne particular way that Microsoft Dynamics Marketing and Microsoft Social Engagement complement each other well is in the realm of scheduling posts and monitoring the response to those posts.  In Dynamics Marketing, social posts can be scheduled to be published at any time on Twitter or Facebook from multiple accounts, and these posts can then be monitored in Social Engagement.

Within Social Engagement, you can set up searches to track your Twitter account or Facebook profile and follow the interactions that others users have with your account when your scheduled tweets are posted.

Additionally, if you are using a particular hashtag in your tweets, you can set up a search to gather tweets with that particular hashtag, which allows you to monitor social media interaction and engage with those who are interacting with your posts.



Microsoft Dynamics Marketing campaigns

The Campaigns feature of Microsoft Dynamics Marketing is easily one of its most useful tools.  The drag-and-drop campaign builder is quick and easy to use.  Additionally, post scheduling can be incorporated into your campaign and tweets or status updates can be sent out in a timely manner to maximize your campaign. 

Even further, you can leverage Social Engagement to monitor the interaction with your brand around your campaign. For example, you can measure the level of interaction of users when you publish posts such as viewing the responsive tweets to your posts and if users follow the prompt that the post is giving in line with your campaign.


Looking for More?

Dynamics CRM MarketingThere is so much more that Microsoft Dynamics Marketing and Social Engagement can do! If you’re interested check out the webinar we are doing on Marketing with Dynamics CRM on Thursday, 6/16 to learn more about the marketing functionalities of Dynamics CRM, Click Dimensions, Dynamics Marketing, and Social Engagement.