Failure is a great teacher, isn’t it? And with 63% of all SharePoint projects stalled, struggling or failing to meet expectations (AIIM), you’d think everyone would be learning a lot, right? Well, the collaboration struggle is real, and it’s still going strong today. Are you struggling with SharePoint?

Henry Ford - Failure Quote

One of my favorite topics on which to speak is SharePoint failure and collaboration failure in general. Over the last 5 years, we have become somewhat of an expert in struggling SharePoint projects, something we’re actually quite proud of. Today, a little over 60% of our new client work is what we call CPR work - in other words, “rescuing” struggling, stalled, or failing projects.

And we’ve learned a ton from failed and struggling projects, and have developed hundreds of processes, templates, checklists, strategies, and specific project methodologies that we apply to our client projects, which helps organizations avoid getting into the situation of a struggling, stalled or failed project.

One specific thing that we’ve learned is that while tools such as SharePoint are getting more sophisticated and better every day, more organizations than ever continue to struggle (in fact the number of companies struggling with SharePoint is actually going up! – it was 61% in 2013 (AIIM).

If this sounds familiar – and I Collab365 Summit 2016suspect that it does, since 3 out of every 5 businesses that try to implement SharePoint will struggle – then I encourage you to attend Collab365, the free, 24-hour, online conference on May 10-12. Did i mention that it was free?

There will be hundreds of great sessions with some pretty amazing content, and I’ll be delivering my Deadly Sins of SharePoint session, which was developed specifically from the things we have learned from helping struggling organizations. I would love to see you at my session, and if you will be attending, reach out via social media or email, and let me know.

Below is a trailer for the event, and I encourage you to check it out and attend if at all possible. Again, this is a free event, and kudos to the entire Collab365 team on all of the work that goes into this.

If you are in fact struggling, do not despair. In addition to these sessions, we’ve got tons of great CRM and SharePoint resources to help (including our very popular SharePoint Site Feedback solution for better user adoption), and would love to help walk you through this journey.  SharePoint success is not a myth, it is possible! Reach out and let us know if there’s anything we can do!