Social media marketingMicrosoft Social Engagement is at the forefront of social media monitoring tools to help marketers of today work smarter, not harder. With innovative search tools and insightful analytics, Social Engagement is doing what no other tool has done. It is allowing marketers to monitor social media presence from one place and gain valuable insights on what social media users are saying about their brand or relevant topic.

If you are new to Social Engagement and want to get your bearings, try checking out this post on the Fundamental Features of Microsoft Social Engagement and maybe take a Test Drive of Social Engagement to get your hands a little dirty.

At C5 Insight, we are all about the LUCK Principle for achieving lasting and sustainable success. That’s Listen, Understand, Connect, and Know.  We believe when these four pieces come together, innovation and collaboration reach new heights and success becomes a byproduct.

Today, we are talking about what it means to Understand customers, clients, prospects, and competitors using Social Engagement (see our post on How to Listen with MSE if you missed it).  All four of these people groups require different approaches to be understood and responded to. Luckily, Social Engagement is extremely customizable in that you can choose what you listen to from social media, which leads to an understanding of your target market.  So let’s jump right in and talk about how you can Understand using MSE!

Understanding Tools of Microsoft Social Engagement

Activity Maps

Microsoft Social Engagement Activity MapsActivity Maps are a fun and insightful tool.  As you can see in this screenshot, Activity Maps allow you to visualize where posts of your relevant topic are coming from across the globe.  You determine the topic you want an Activity Map to gather, and within 24 hours you will have a complete snapshot of what is said about your relevant topic over the course of a day.

Activity Maps give you the option to view posts as a sentiment map or buzz map, which means you can view posts as green, red, or grey for positive, negative, or neutral sediment; or, you can view posts in various fading blue shades to show the time elapsed since each post was published.

This snapshot into location analysis of posts offers marketers the ability to monitor regional campaigns they (or their competitors) are running, understand if complaints on their brand or topic are coming from a localized area, visualize where in the world people are talking about their topics, understand the reach of marketing efforts, and so much more.


Microsoft Social Engagement Analytics Analytics is the heart of Microsoft Social Engagement. It is your homepage when you open Social Engagement and it it is the best place to gain insight to understand your customers, clients, prospects, and competitors. Topics related to each of these groups are configured in the Search Setup and displayed through Analytics.  This page gives you the option to view all of your topics in one view, or you can filter Analytics to only show one topic.  Additionally, everything you see on the Analytics page is clickable and can drill down further insights upon being clicked. For example, in the Sources widget, if you want to gain insights on just Blog posts, you could click on the orange Blog button and Analytics would reload all of its widgets to show you the sentiment, location, authors, etc. of posts only from Blogs.

For marketers, this tool is only going to grow in its importance. To grasp the number, types, authors, most popular phrases, and sentiment of posts all in one place is incredibly valuable for the busy social-media-conscious marketer of today.  The functionality that allows you to view different topics and gain specific insights on each is indispensible for marketers as well. This feature is where marketers gain the ability to monitor customers, clients, prospects, and competitors all in one place based on the search topics they delegate.  I know I value when I can perform all my necessary tasks in one place without jumping from multiple screens, and Social Engagement has proved to be one of those tools that can be a huge time saver.

Looking for More?

Social media insightThere is so much to discuss with Social Engagement that one blog post can’t hold it all! If you’re interesting in learning more about Social Engagement, we have a free Social Engagement Tip Sheet on Listening and Understanding just for you.  Our Tip Sheet goes into greater detail on the tools in Social Engagement and how they can benefit your social media marketing strategy. Click here to request your complimentary copy!

You can also click here to check out a video demo of the Activity Maps and Analytics features.