If you are a marketer of any sort using Dynamics CRM, the CRM for Outlook client is extremely important in your tracking and qualification process for leads and prospects.  Here at C5, we are no different.  We rely on CRM for Outlook to track incoming leads so we can keep track of our interaction with individuals within their records in CRM (see social pane below)


However, performing this action proved to be troublesome for our Marketing Director.  When she would attempt to track records through Outlook, she would continually get this error.


From the error message, the issue clearly appeared to be a security issue.  Research and testing eliminated most of the obvious options, such as granting our Marketing Director the permissions of Mailbox Auto Tracking Folder, Mailbox, Sync to Outlook, Mail Merge, etc.  None of these permissions would alleviate the persistent error message that continually popped up anytime we would try to track a record in CRM for Outlook or use the “Set Regarding” feature.

After realizing this issue was a matter of a process of elimination, we created a copy of another security role, whose user was having no issue tracking records from CRM for outlook, and started eliminating security permissions.

We eliminated all permissions in the Core Records, Marketing, Sales, Service, Business Management, Customization, and Custom Entities tabs within the security role we had copied. And still, the tracking worked. 

From further elimination, we found that when the permissions on  "Record Creation and Update Rule” were taken away, CRM for Outlook tracking stopped working.

image Therefore, we cracked the tracking case!

We granted our Marketing security role the "Record Creation and Update Rule” permission, and she was able to freely track records through her CRM for Outlook client.

If you are having permission issues in CRM for Outlook and getting the error message shown above, check the “Record Creation and Update Rule” permission to see if that is granted to the user having issues, if it isn’t – update their security role to grant them this important permission!


Having Other Issues with Your CRM?

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