Microsoft Social Engagement

Without a doubt, we love our social media and feeling connected to the latest news, posts, pictures, etc.  And the love affair is only growing.  Social media is posed to be one of the highest means of marketing for both B2B and B2C in the coming years.

Because of social media’s growing prevalence, several of us at C5 Insight have taken the time to explore and uncover the best and most recent features of Microsoft Social Engagement and how it can benefit marketers in monitoring, engaging, and responding to social media.  If you are new to Social Engagement or want to learn more about MSE and  its functions, you can read about the most prominent features of Social Engagement, the November update to Social Engagement, and the December update to Social Engagement.  However, if you’ve been on the Microsoft Social Engagement train with us – read on!

Despite the many great features and functionalities of Social Engagement, there are still several areas where this up-and-coming tool falls short.  So, instead of talking about the great things Social Engagement has to offer, like we typically discuss, today we are going to spend time on the less popular topic of what Microsoft Social Engagement doesn’t have. 


Social Engagement missing features

Although the Custom Sources feature was a nice addition to Social Engagement in the December update, it has not answered the desire of many to have full integration with major social media platforms that are not currently supported by Social Engagement.

These missing platforms include LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+, and any other social media platform besides Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Blogs, and News. (Quick FYI tip – MSE supports full coverage of blogs from,, and News is covered through a News Syndicator that gathers content from 3,000+ of major Publishers and Newswires. – See the source of this info and more on MSE integration and sourcing.)

Despite further integration of social media platforms such as LinkedIn, being said to be on the MSE roadmap, this functionality has not come to fruition yet, and there is no firm date as to when this ability will come.  Some have said we could see LinkedIn integration sometime this spring; however, this prediction is more speculation than fact.


social media marketingFor those marketers out there with experience using Hootsuite and Microsoft Dynamics Marketing, you know how helpful it is to schedule posts when you are running campaigns, live events, etc.  Although direct publishing was rolled out in the November Update to Social Engagement, which gave the ability to directly posts tweets or Facebook updates, the ability to schedule posts is still missing from MSE.

This functionality is important to the social media-conscious marketer who wants to run campaigns through Social Engagement and measure the response to her brand.  You can use Hootsuite and MDM in collaboration with Social Engagement to achieve a similar measurement, however, the full capability to schedule posts and measure response to them is not available in MSE currently.

On-Premise Capability

This lack-of-functionality matters to some more than others.  Although you can link MSE online to Dynamics CRM on-premise, you cannot not have an on-premise version of MSE.  This functionality is not likely to be seen in the future of MSE, but that is purely speculation.

Long-Term View in Social Center

Finally, we have the long-term view in Social Center as another missing functionality in MSE.  We have received concern from several of our clients who wish that they could look past the two week window that the Social Center offers, but Microsoft has expressed that this 14-day window allows a faster loading times for streams.

There are definitely pros and cons in this functionality. A longer window would allow marketers to look back further to listen to what people are saying on social media; however, it would also take more time for the streams to load, which would waste time and efficiency.

Looking for More?

Social Engagement featuresDespite the features it is missing, Microsoft Social Engagement is still a great and powerful tool for marketers who are looking to grow their social media presence and awareness.

If you are intrigued by Social Engagement and what it has to offer, join us for our deminar (demo + webinar) on Microsoft Social Engagement for Marketing, Sales, Service, and Research in March. We’d love to have you!