Dynamics CRM Import Checklist

 The ability to import data into Dynamics CRM is incredibly useful, especially when you have a long list of records that you need to get from Excel into CRM.   This data can be anything although most of the time its leads you’ve gathered from a marketing campaign, tradeshow, event etc.  Microsoft knows how important it is to be able to import your data simply and easily, so the Import Wizard tool is their solution for easy imports.

 However, am I the only person who has felt like I need a checklist to remember everything I need to do to make sure I import my data correctly and cleanly?  There’s more than a few necessary steps that you need to take to avoid failures upon your import and maintain clean data. So, we developed this import checklist as a way to make sure that every time we go to import data into Dynamics CRM, we can ensure that our data is imported correctly and that we follow best practices.  Now, we’d like to share it with you.  We don’t think we should be the only ones making speedy, efficient imports.

So What’s In It?


The checklist includes the little steps that are easy to forget- like remembering to check your file size, a reminder to save file as .csv, create custom fields if necessary, ensure import is going to proper location, make sure fields are mapped correctly, and many other simple tasks that are hard to keep track of. It also has a few of those bigger, important tasks such as running a script to derive the web URL when importing leads, and if you don’t know how to do that, click here for a quick how-to blog that we wrote on it.


How Do I Get It?


Getting the C5 Import Checklist is as simple as clicking here and requesting the download.  Then, it’s yours to use for every data import from now until forever.

Additionally, if you want to know a little more about the import wizard, what it does, and what it should be used for, we cover that in this blog to give you a little more information.

 As always, you can comment below or Contact Us with any other questions.

 Happy Importing!