Everyone wants to know which of their accounts have not been followed up recently.  But using the Neglected Accounts report is just sooo 1995.  Nobody uses reports anymore – we want everything as a view, chart or dashboard!  But until the most recent release of Dynamics CRM, the only way you could create a Neglected Accounts view was thru installing add-on products or developing code.

Well, my friends, those days are gone forever.  Welcome to the second half of 2015, where your all of your neglected account dreams come true!

Here’s the simple process for creating a neglected account view:

1. Create a Rollup Field

Create a rollup field that rolls up the maximum Actual End date of all closed activities (including activity party activities) for the account.  See the image below (you can click the image to zoom in).

Rollup field in CRM 2015 UR1 for calculating neglected accounts by rolling up all activity end dates

2. Create a Calculated Field

Now create a calculated field that calculates the number of days that have elapsed since the maximum activity end date that you calculated above.  See the image below.

calculate the days since a person or account was last contacted in microsoft dynamics crm 2015 ur1 spring release yada yada yada

3. Create a View

Now create a view using whatever number of days you want to neglect your accounts before they show up in the view.  You guessed it … see the image below.

Neglected Accounts View in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 UR1

4. Get Fancy

But wait … there’s more!  You can have different thresholds for neglectation (new word that I just invented).  For example:

  • A Accounts: Call them every day
  • B Accounts: Call them every week
  • C Accounts: Call them every month
  • D Accounts: Call them every 6 months
  • F Accounts: Call them every year

Don’t forget to do an analysis to show how all of your A accounts change their phone number and never return any calls!  :)

You can apply the same principle to your leads, contacts and opportunities.

Now go out and start to make sure that those really important accounts get the harassing attention that they deserve!