Charlotte, NC -- CRMUG is an independent group of Microsoft Dynamics CRM software users, partners, industry experts and representatives of Microsoft Corp. CRMUG is recognized by Microsoft as the official user group for its Dynamics CRM business software. C5 Insight’s participation in CRMUG demonstrates its commitment to the Microsoft Dynamics CRM community and provides the organization with new ways to share its expertise.

 “On behalf of our entire team, we are thrilled to join CRMUG as a Premium Member,” said Geoff Ables, Managing Partner. “We have dedicated our practice to helping clients work together better – both inside and outside of their organizations.  Having just completed research that shows between 30% and 60% of CRM projects are still failing, we realize that our proven approaches for building project success roadmaps, or recovery plans, are needed by organizations that aim to accelerate beyond their competitors by becoming leaders in collaboration and relationship management.  We are committed to helping businesses thrive by realizing the full array of benefits Dynamics CRM provides.”         

“Our Premium Partner members are an integral part of the CRMUG community. They bring innovative solutions, strategies and expertise to the group, which is of immense value to our members,” said Tony Stein, CRMUG Program Director. “CRMUG will work hand in hand with C5 Insight to increase the value of the community by offering Dynamics CRM users many useful benefits. We’re pleased to welcome C5 Insight, and we look forward to their contributions to CRMUG.”

About C5 Insight 

C5 Insight proves management consulting and technology implementation services utilizing solutions such as Microsoft SharePoint, Dynamics CRM, and Our team of experts seamlessly integrates these platforms with our proven planning and resource management approaches to develop complete project roadmaps that help our clients work together better, inside and outside of their organizations. 


The Dynamics CRM User Group (CRMUG) is an independent, user-driven organization that helps individuals and company members maximize the value they receive from Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Members learn, network and share expertise through educational events, webinars, training courses, virtual collaborative meetings, regional networking opportunities and a vibrant online community. Established in 2008, CRMUG is approximately 4,000 organizations strong, and dedicated to creating deep, intimate learning opportunities for our members.