CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Management consulting firm C5 Insight has built an entire practice on helping clients revive failed or struggling systems and business processes, particularly those involving enterprise collaboration and relationship management initiatives.

“As technology evolves, assumptions have been made by businesses acquiring new CRM software that failure rates are now on the decline,” explains C5 Insight’s Managing Partner and CRM expert Geoff Ables. “Beginning in 2014, we started to conduct extensive research to provide fresh statistics into CRM success and failure and, if failure rates remained high, offer insights that differentiate successful organizations from those that fail.”


The study, titled CPR for CRM, was released in the fall of 2014 and includes the results of a technology agnostic survey conducted using participants across a wide range of industries, business sizes and job functions. Its chief goal was to not only define failure in today’s business world, but also examine the root causes to better prepare for success in the future. Visit the C5 Insight Downloads Page to request a copy of the study.


On Tuesday, May 5, 2015, C5 Insight will offer a CPR for CRM webinar to dive deep into the study results and arm attendees with several action items to examine within their own CRM environments. While C5 Insight is both a Microsoft Dynamics CRM and partner, attendees using or considering any platform are welcome. The one hour webinar will focus not on specific technology, but instead best business practices and relationship management strategies for success. Businesses considering a new CRM implementation, in addition to those experiencing failure, are encouraged to attend.


Register for the CPR for CRM: How To Avoid Failure Webinar HERE.


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