We use queues in Microsoft CRM 4.0 to receive email for various sales and customer service functions. I recently set up a new queue and, when I tested it, I found that it was not receiving email at all. This led me to test our other queues, and, much to my chagrin, I realized they were not receiving email either!


As it turns out, there were two things that threw a wrench in our queues. Each of them alone would have caused the queues to break.

1) We recently set up a new SSL certificate for our domain instead of using a self-published one. We're using a forwarding mailbox with the email router, so I had to reconfigure the URL for Exchange in the CRM Email Router's inbound rule so that it matched the address on our new certificate. This allowed the email router to monitor our Exchange server and process email properly. First problem solved.

2) Somewhere along the line we had changed our settings in CRM and it impacted queues. I don't recall this setting being necessary for getting queues to work, and there's nothing in the documentation, so maybe it only broke with Update Rollup 2? I don't know. Anway, we had the setting "Track e-mails sent between CRM users as two activities" turned off. Turning this back on in the Settings (see screenshot below) allowed the CRM queues to begin receiving email that was coming through the forwarding mailbox.