Back in 2007 I developed a solution to show Windows Explorer directories and folders inside an iframe on a CRM form. I blogged about it for the Microsoft CRM Team blog on MSDN. Filebrowser allows users to directly access files and folders in a shared directory from within CRM records. The files and folders are stored on a UNC share on your server, so they’re also accessible to non-CRM users. In addition, Filebrowser incorporated some client-side script to create and display context-sensitive folders so you can have a separate directory for each record.

We’ve added some enhancements to Filebrowser recently, including the ability to navigate back to the top level of the directory after drilling into it, and a few other nice improvements. I wanted to share the details around Filebrowser “2.0” here on our blog. I need to thank Geoff Ables, the principal consultant at Customer Connect for his work on these enhancements.

Watch the brief video below for a demonstration of Filebrowser.

Filebrowser consists of four key elements:

1)      A network share to store the directory, folders and files that you want accessible within CRM

2)      An iframe on the form

3)      A custom .aspx page to display the directory within the iframe

4)      OnLoad Jscript to dynamically set the target of the iframe and create a folder for each record if one does not exist

Filebrowser is part of the C5 Insight Toolbox, a great set of enhancements included with our CRM implementation services at no extra cost. To learn more about C5 Insight's services, please contact us.