Are you seeing duplicate contact records in your Outlook?  Has your company recently implemented Microsoft CRM?  Here are some quick and easy steps to remove the duplicate records.

Sometimes when your company “pre-loads” contacts into CRM it causes the users to have duplicate contacts in OutlookThe fix for this is a manual process that you should only have to do once.   


Our complete Microsoft CRM - Cleaning Up Outlook tip sheet can be downloaded for free.  Please register on to get access to our library.   
Below are the steps to follow to remove duplicate contacts from your Outlook contact list.  

Removing Duplicates from Outlook Contact List


Do this step first to “clean up” your Outlook list and then follow the steps in “Promoting One or Many Contacts to CRM” to track additional contacts in CRM. 
(1)     Open OUTLOOK Contacts
(2)     Click View, Current View, Phone List
(3)     Sort the Contacts by Full or Last Name (by clicking the column heading)
(4)     Find a name that has 2 records – one CRM record and one Outlook contact
 record. Always delete the Outlook contact record if it already exists in CRM.


(5)     Before deleting, check the information on the CRM record by clicking the name with the CRM icon.  CRM-icon-in-Outlook                                  
If there are changes to be made or additional info you would 
like to include, enter the info and click Save and Close. You can also copy and 
paste info from the Outlook Contact record.