It has been a busy 6 months for us.  We merged, delivered 6 different webinars, and held 5 events in 4 different cities!  Now we're starting to update our blogs, websites and other content to reflect the name of our newly formed business. 

  • You've come to the right place - this is the new site for our Microsoft Dynamics CRM blog!
  • We've migrated most (but not all) entries.  Some of the entries were no longer relevant (such as new release announcements) so we dropped those.
  • We updated a few entries based on new information.
  • The publish date on some of the more popular entries was moved up so that the most relevant material would be at the top of the new blog.
  • Unfortunately, we were not able to migrate the comments.

Help yourself to some of the subscription options to this site.  And keep an eye on the site.  You'll see the pace of blog entries picking up again.  You'll also see some updates to the site including better links to social media sites so you can access content in whatever way is most convenient for you.

And again - welcome to the newly rennovated AskDynamicsCRM blog - we're glad you're here.