I just had the chance to install Update Rollup 11 for the Microsoft CRM Outlook client. (The update rollup is available here.) I use Outlook 2010 which Microsoft released just about a month ago (love it BTW), and this latest update rollup made a nice improvement in how Outlook 2010 displays the CRM add-in. Prior to this update, the add-in was displayed on a separate "Add-ins" tab on the Outlook ribbon. This was a hassle, because if I wanted to track an email into CRM and then delete it from my inbox, I had to select the email, click the "Add-ins" tab, track it, and then click back to the "Home" tab in Outlook, then click the "Delete" button. Too many clicks! Now the CRM add-in is right on the "Home" tab of the Outlook 2010 ribbon. Nice job, Microsoft!

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM add-in is now displayed on the Home tab of the Outloook 2010 ribbon.