SPC-2011sThe first day started with the big keynote with all of the about 7500 attendees!  That’s a lot of people lovin’ some SharePoint in one place!  Well, let me back up.  On my way into the convention center for breakfast before the keynote, I noticed there was all this noise outside.  Turns out a software vendor and SharePoint competitor called Huddle had hired a marching band to play a few tunes right outside the conference and march through.  In my opinion, quite childish.  Anyway, on the good stuff …

Walked into the keynote speech, and was entertained by the sweet sounds of DJ Keenan Kameleon.  He’s a Senior Product Manager with the SharePoint Team at Microsoft.  I’m told you can listen to his music mix from the keynote online here.  Jared Spataro, Senior Director of SharePoint Product Management was up first, and gave some updates on some numbers.  Can you say 62 million licenses sold of SharePoint with 125 million users?  The overall theme for the conference is Productivity Delivered, which celebrates all the excellent work and solutions that customers and partners have developed on the platform.  I won’t bore you with all the details, but you can read more on the MS SharePoint Team blog

There was a very sweet demo of some extremely high end redundancy and failover for a SharePoint farm.  Can you say 1TBs of RAM and 80 CPU cores?  The test sites were loaded with 130 million documents totaling 14TB in a single content database, and that’s without Remote Blob Storage.  A FAST search query returned 130 million results in .23 seconds.  That’s FAST!  Their assistant pulled the network plug live on stage, and we all watched while clustering failed over every database in the farm in under 15 seconds.  Wow!

They also announced a new Certified Architect certification for SharePoint.  You can read all the juicy details on the team’s blog.  They also made another announcement – details on the SharePoint Conference 2012.  Looks like it’s going to be held in Las Vegas in the middle of November. 

I started with my first session with the antics of Todd Klindt and Shane Young from SharePoint911 for their Understanding SharePoint Administration session.  After that I went over to see Laura Rodgers and Darvish Shadravan for their book signing of their book InfoPath 2010 and SharePoint 2010 Step by Step.  Needless to say, we had some good InfoPath discussions.

It was lunch, then off to the afternoon sessions covering Records Management with the CTO from GimmalSoft, and ended with a bang with the session by Scott Jamison Making SharePoint 2010 Collaboration Rock by Increasing Findability.  He’s a great speaker, and gave some very useful and practical recommendations to get your search results more accurate and useful.  The single most important takeaway I’ll share from this session was about the Title field, and how important it is that this field is accurate.