To blog or not to blog, that is the question...

If you’re anything like me, as an IT professional I excelled in math and science in school but English Lit and Composition was not my strong suit. As a result, blogging doesn’t come naturally to me. I sort of psyche myself out thinking “I’m not a good writer, I don’t have that light and fun blogger’s style.”
But there isn’t a day that goes by, where I come across some type of challenge, situation, issue, or piece of new learning that isn’t worth sharing with others. That’s the nature of a professional’s job…solving problems, learning new techniques, finding new tips and tricks, etc. We have so much to share, but without a good system for capturing those ideas, at least adding them to a list, it will be “easy come, easy go” because the next day will bring the next challenge and…out of sight out of mind.
Albert Einstein was known to say we only use about 10% of our mental capacity and potential (he said the absolute geniuses might use 15 or 20%). Our human potential to learn, analyze, create, solve, do…it’s really unlimited. Our organizations can become so much better, more productive, more results-oriented when we recognize this fact…our people and our ideas are the power in our organizations. We all have the ability to make HUGE impacts, when we learn to care more and share more…and blogging is a great way to start.
It seems that technical organizations, consulting firms, IT people, engineers, etc…maybe we have an easier “pool of topics” to pick from for technical blogging. But we all know, and sometimes love, our favorite bloggers in all areas of life: sports, politics, entertainment, cooking, etc. So every organization, in any walk of life, can improve and become more productive, and have a bigger impact when we share what we know and learn with others.
So I’ve got an idea to share: let’s make adding ideas to our "blogging list" a natural part of our day. Let's get over our hang-ups and our untrue negative thoughts about ourselves; let’s start believing that we have A LOT TO SHARE! Let’s start a blogging list and every day...when we come across something new that we have learned, or created, or solved... we ask ourselves “might anyone else want to know about this?” – not only in our own organizations – but anywhere. If you think the answer is “Yes”, then add the topic to your list.
After a while you will see your list keep growing and growing, and I hope you will think you have a responsibility to share some of those ideas via blogs. If your company sponsors a corporate blog or an Intranet portal where you can add your own ideas and topics, please do. Just get started with a small one - an easy one - one that you would enjoy writing about. Before long, you’ll be a regular blogger, other people will recognize you and thank you for it, and we’ll all be the richer for it!