In March of this year I published a blog entry, You Might Need a New Consulting Partner If..., which was inspired by Jeff Foxworthy's “You Might be a Redneck If” jokes. In this post (part 2), I will share more tips to help you narrow down your options and find the best technology consulting partner for your organization.

You might need a new consulting partner if:

⦁ They push you to attend an event or meeting, then they don't even show up to greet you.
⦁ They make product recommendations that seem impersonal or vague. Often firms like these will use the line “check this out!” The problem is they aren't taking time to explain why a solution or service would benefit your company.
⦁ They respond to questions on why their product is better than the competition with something vague like "it just is." Don't fall for it - make sure to ask for concrete facts and/or case studies.
⦁ They talk during the entire discovery meeting instead of learning more about you, your organization, and your systems, processes and needs.
⦁ They tell you they're honored to provide a quote and they do so before finding out your project budget or expectation.
⦁ They pitch their favorite (and often only) technology solution even though it isn't a good fit for your organization.
⦁ They have no clue about your business operations and no experience in your industry.
⦁ They offer you a solution that they use for several other companies. All good consultants know that each company is unique and will require a unique solution.
⦁ They give you a list of references, which includes their company or parent company. Run!

Make sure you look for these warning signs before selecting a partner! At C5 Insight we are constantly taking on new "CPR clients" who need help recovering from project failures caused by their former consulting partner. If you think you might need CPR services, please reach out to us before it's too late.

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