imageI don’t know about you, but this was one features in Outlook I had taken for granted. In Outlook 2010, if you added the Calendar to do bar to your view, it would show you all of your upcoming appointments for today and next few upcoming days.  With the RTM of Outlook 2013, many people quickly noticed that their beloved feature was gone!  Microsoft changed it (I would love to hear the explanation) to only show today’s appointments:


So the community responded, and someone published an add-in for Outlook 2013 that puts it back.  This worked, but sad it was required.  Many blogs reference this codeplex solution as a workaround to ease their pain and suffering.

The other day I had rebooted after some Microsoft Office updates, and to my surprise I noticed it was there!  I guess Microsoft does listen when enough people complain about it. 


This fix is part of Microsoft KB2825677.  Notice the first line:


I believe this fix is rolled up and installed with MS13-094 KB2837618.  So you can either get that security bulletin, or just run Windows/Office update and get it.  No more custom add-in needed.  Thanks Microsoft!

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