As 2014 looms just around the corner, here I sit with a desk full of proposals, a brain full of ideas, and a OneNote brimming with check-lists, to-dos, projects and target dates. Need a little boost to kick-start your own 2014 Marketing Strategies? Consider these tips.

1)     A goal without a plan…

Your work is too important to be just a daydream. Map it out. Be accountable. Refer back, make edits, and keep climbing. This isn’t a race, but a really fun ride and you’d best be prepared.


2)     Stock Photography? Negative

There is a time and a place for stock photography, but your social media sources and sales collateral may not be the best fits for happy pictures of suits chuckling at a computer screen.  Post real pictures of actual employees. Invest in captivating, unique info-graphics. Liven up your presentations and proposals with your own branded visual assets. 


Time to retire those stock photos. Instead, use real pictures of your team. 

Don't shy away from showing a little personality when appropriate!


3)     Copy Me

Has it been awhile since you’ve refreshed your copy? Spend a little time developing and overhauling your brand’s voice. Be sure to get appropriate buy-in and feedback before any of it goes live, and take the time to educate your client-facing masses on any key changes to your message and tone. Are you friendly? Engaging? Business-savvy? Technologically advanced? 


4)     Network Net-worth

As a textbook extrovert, it often surprises others when I mention I do not particularly enjoy networking. In fact, the more I network, the more people I meet who also claim to hate it. But the more events I force myself into, the larger my reach grows and the more effective I become in my role and at life in general. Challenge yourself to attend at least one event per month, and feel free to bring a couple friends to help – just force yourself to interact with others, too. 


5)     Brag 

A former supervisor paid me a compliment early on my career that has really stayed with me. “You’re not afraid to brag,” she said, “especially when it comes to your team’s accomplishments.” While I’m not suggesting that we all take to the internet and airwaves on a daily basis to rave about every achievement, consider new ways to keep your audience up to date. Include your awards and accolades in presentations, on your website, and in any company profiles. 

(Credit: Photo/Nancy Pierce) 


What are some of the ways you’re building the perfect 2014 Marketing Plan? 

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