Members of our team recently had the pleasure of attending Microsoft Convergence, a premier conference for the Microsoft Dynamics community. My hopes were high for take-aways, and I assure you that we did not walk away disappointed - or, in true conference fashion, empty-handed. It was a well-attended showing that featured exciting events and product previews along with feedback from some of the greatest thought leaders thriving in the technology and business sectors today. We got a sneak peek at some of the robust capabilities Microsoft will be releasing through the Dynamics platform across months (and years) to come. Over the years, our team has developed valuable ways to help our clients work together better by integrating platforms such as Dynamics CRM with a host of proven business practices. These new tools will only help us move forward faster.    

For Dynamics CRM specifically, stay tuned for upcoming releases of:

  • Dynamics Marketing, which will incorporate Marketing Plans, Automation, Advanced Lead Scoring, Social Capabilities and Business Intelligence Tools. Users will have enriched understanding of how prospects are using their content and better insight into how to connect outside their organization while improving collaborating within.
  • Social Listening that will allow brands to monitor online presence while sharing campaign activity throughout their sales, marketing, and customer service departments.
  • Social Insights promises to open the door to more meaningful conversations and leave stiff, impersonal cold calling in the dust by providing fully enriched data and social network connections within the CRM interface. 
  • Social Care, which provides customers the information they seek across multiple touch points and channels to develop more brand loyalty and create customers for life. 

 We are excited to bring in-depth knowledge of these capabilities to our own clients and partners. 

But what really struck me about the conference is that, for a gathering of people seeking more powerful ways to use technology, the common theme always lead back to people, and to building better relationships.

We are living in a world fueled by technology. Our human interactions are often interrupted by the pops, dings, and bings of our mobile devices. Most would equate leaving the house without their cell phone to living through the day without a vital organ. “Unplugged” weekends are a wonder to be bragged about with a supreme sense of achievement.

But I’m not complaining. Instead, I'm really beginning to examine the benefits.

While there are pitfalls, overshares, and downright annoying tendencies attached to this bright, blinking digital world we’re busy creating, I would venture there is even more to be gained. At no other period in human existence (that I’m aware of) have we ever been so connected. I know more about the guy I spoke 5 words to across 4 years in college because of technology. I can ask for an introduction to the decision maker of our company’s next major partnership. I work smarter, faster, accomplishing more than I ever dreamed while communicating seamlessly with anyone, anywhere. At the core of the point I am trying to make here is this: because of machines, we are engaging in more meaningful human interactions.

At C5 Insight, we are deepening our commitment to enterprise collaboration and thriving on the connections we continue to build. Because of technology, we are developing powerful ways to make business more personal.  

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