Imagine working with a partner who always has a team member available with the right skills and schedule to meet your needs. It sounds like nirvana, right? Yet it seems like you're always in the queue, waiting for someone to free up and address the items you need done.

But more than skills, you want someone that knows you: who understands your business, can provide not just the service but guidance, suggestions, and thoughtfulness on how your requests are going to impact the larger technology ecosystem.

You can't have it both ways, or can you?

The Industry Problem and Our Solution

At C5 Insight, we spent years trying to walk the service delivery tight rope. The right resource mix, the right level of engagement, the right skills. Managing the peaks and valleys of supply and demand amongst several clients, trying to avoid lulls for both the client and the partner.

It's. Really. Hard.

So we stopped trying to please everybody all of the time using the traditional assigned service delivery team methodology. Instead, we launched Just in Time Service Delivery!

We Tag Team Throughout the Process

Lead Consultant: With Just in Time Service Delivery, you still have a dedicated lead consultant. Their role is to learn everything about your business processes, your users, your technology.

They provide insight, are a sounding board for new ideas, work alongside you to solve the toughest business challenges, and ultimately deliver a friction-free technology experience.

How they do it makes all the difference!

Behind that superhero is an entire team at the ready with a variety of skills and experience levels. They are engaged once the lead consultant gathers all of the requirements and pulls together the specifications for delivery.

  1. First solution architects perform configuration work
  2. Then developers extend platforms using code
  3. before integration experts develop the procedures used to integrate two systems.

What remains constant is the lead consultant responsible for handing off the specifications, managing that resource, testing their work, and walking the client through user acceptance testing for that work.

More Productivity and Less Wasted Resources

If something needs reworking, the same resource rolls back on to maintain continuity. While waiting for user acceptance testing to occur, they support another client and project just in time.

This method works incredibly well for partners as they can keep resources more fully utilized. Instead of funding a full project team for the entirety of the timeline, clients benefit from resources for only given portions of work on an engagement.

Hire the Experts for Your Next Engagement

These resources are continuously gaining knowledge from exposure to multiple clients, processes, business challenges, and technology challenges along the way that will help with your next project.

Are you looking for a partner with a team that will provide both the granular dedicated approach you're looking for and a wide variety of skills right when you need them?

We'd love to work with you on your next Dynamics 365, Microsoft 365, or PowerPlatform project! Check us out at to learn more about who we are and what we do!