When Geoff Ables founded C5 Insight in 2002, he brought along decades of customer relationship management and digital workplace expertise in both technology platforms and business processes. The C5 team focuses on the practical ways that people can leverage evolving technologies and timeless principles to create better customer and employee engagement. 

Microsoft Most Valuable Professional Awardee: Geoff Ables, Managing Partner of C5 Insight

The C5 Insight team is thrilled to announce that Geoff Ables has recently been titled "Most Valuable Professional," receiving a Microsoft MVP award for his Microsoft Business Solutions expertise. This recognition is a tangible result of his devotion to helping organizations create contagiously engaged employees that transform the customer experience. 

Microsoft classifies its MVPs as, “technology experts who passionately share their knowledge with the community.” The process of joining this elite network includes demonstrated platform expertise, thought leadership, and contributions to the greater Microsoft Technologies communities. 

Geoff regularly helps address leadership and business process topics such as adoption and training best practices via the C5 Insight Blog, through speaking engagements, and in online forums. He has built an award-winning team of fellow MVPs and MCPs (Microsoft Certified Professionals) to best support our clients in a variety of industries. 

What an MVP Award Means for C5 Insight Clients, Colleagues, and Partners

A Proven Track Record with Leading-edge Technology

MVPs enjoy a unique position between the Microsoft world and the communities they serve. Key benefits include early access to new products, and participation in direct feedback loops with Microsoft product teams to enhance and improve capabilities. For clients, this can translate to an even deeper understanding of these platforms, direct access to more Microsoft personnel and community experts, and proactive support in building out roadmaps for clients. 

Collaboration and Community

The C5 team remains committed to the communities we serve, such as partners, user groups, and business associations. MVPs attend an annual Global Summit, and are empowered to address needs and opportunities throughout their local and regional networks.

Kick-start or Revive Your Employee and Customer Engagement Strategy

Geoff is available to speak at executive meetings, events, and conferences (live or virtual). Topics include:


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