At C5 Insight, we’ve just finished packaging up and sending out our 20th consecutive St. Patrick’s Day gift to our MVPs (customers, partners, employees and other friends of C5 Insight).

St. Patrick's Day Gift - C5 Insight

This year we selected a corkscrew in a beautiful pinewood box. Like all of our St. Pat’s gifts, the meaning is more subtle that it initially appears.

Employee and Customer Engagement and Corkscrews

A corkscrew is a corkscrew, right? And if there is a difference, the more expensive fancy electric corkscrews are the best, right? If you ask a sommelier, the answer to both questions is, “no.”

The cheapest corkscrews don’t work well because they don’t provide balanced leverage on the cork. The result is that it can be difficult to remove the cork from the bottle or, worse yet, you may damage the cork and end up with part of it in your wine.

More expensive electric or lever type corkscrews offer an impressive profile, and may save a bit of time doing the twisting for you. But they are expensive, bulky, don’t offer as much control on an older more delicate cork, and usually require a separate cutting tool to remove the foil that covers the cork.

The preferred corkscrew for most waiters, sommeliers or wine enthusiasts is one that includes a knife for cutting the foil, and a hinge for getting more balanced leverage on the cork after you have partially removed it from the bottle. This is called a double-hinged cork pull. It offers a quality, efficient, reliable and easy to maintain cork removal experience.

Organizations approach digital workplace projects in the same way that consumers approach their corkscrews. They may go for the simplest approach, “just install the technology and let everyone learn to use it on their own.” Like a broken cork, these companies end up with mis-used or unused technology that frustrates the team.

Others invest in implementation firms with impressive credentials and, like a bulkier corkscrew, they don’t improve project results. Why not? Well, because they don’t address the fundamental reasons why customer relationship management (CRM) or employee engagement projects (e.g. intranet, document management, collaboration solutions) fail nearly 80% of the time.

Powered by LUCK: Your Double-Hinged Cork Pull

At C5 Insight we’ve spent over 18 years studying what causes digital customer and employee engagement projects to struggle for adoption. We’ve developed people-first business advisory and technology implementation services that are designed to deliver project success. At the heart of all these services are 5 things that we do, and we work to help every one of our clients do better:

  • Listen to customers and employees so you can truly…
  • Understand their personas, wants, needs, experiences and journeys in order to better…
  • Connect with them at a deeper and broader level than ever before and in a way that is measurable so you can …
  • Know the results of your investment, and continuously improve.

Listen, understand, connect and know. That spells LUCK. LUCK is what you do…

  • Good LUCK is why you do it. It is your culture, your personality, your purpose.

Powered By LUCK

Our mission at C5 Insight is to unleash human potential through people-centric digital transformation. We do this through a proven process called, “Powered By LUCK.”

People-First Processes and Wine

The corkscrew concept grew out of something else that many of us at C5 Insight have a lot of passion around: sharing a bottle of beautiful wine with friends.

You may have noticed that when wine lovers gather, they often make a brief moment of eye contact with each other in that moment that their glasses come together and they say, “cheers.” That moment of eye contact creates a connection between the drinkers. And it is a reminder that it is not about the wine, as beautiful as it may be, but it is about the people that we enjoy it with.

People-Centric Processes

The tradition of eye contact is also a reminder that all of us can improve how we engage with people. It’s not about being born with the right skills. Every person, and every organization, can improve how they engage. It’s about process.

Powered By LUCK: The People-First Operating System

If you’ve worked with C5 Insight for a while, you may have already heard of LUCK. But did you know that it is at the center of every human relationship? Powered By LUCK has been used to improve:

  • Sales process
  • Meeting facilitation
  • Project management
  • Personality assessments
  • Individual time management
  • Employee communications
  • Content marketing
  • Corporate intranets
  • Leadership training and coaching
  • Organizational cultural analysis
  • Personal goal setting
  • Interpersonal skills
  • … and more

Want to improve your “luck”? Spend some time with C5 Insight working on your “LUCK”. We promise it will make a noticeable difference.