Is it a fair statement to say that we all have had a poor experience using CRM? That we either wanted our old methods back or short cuts in this new application called CRM? There are many reasons for user not liking and embracing CRM deployments; however let's address instead how to re-engage to increase adoption of CRM in your organization.  

1.     Don’t throw in the towel! Proactively find that one feature it provides that does benefit you and the organization and focus on leveraging that effectively.  

2.     Lean into the learning curve. Are you asking for more training? (If you answered "no," why not?) Keep in mind that it’s OK to ask questions - how else will the CRM Champions know you are struggling?  

3.     Are you asking your peers how they are using it? Find an engaged user and ask what they like, and where they may have tripped along the way.  Or consider joining a local user group - if one doesn't exist, start your own.  

4.     Don’t pre-judge this CRM based on a previous CRM experience. Approaching things with an open mind can only help you in the long run.  

5.     Ask about the things that don’t make sense or seem logical and share that feedback to the team supporting CRM.  For example, once I understood why I needed to track meetings/appointments and fully grasped the end benefit was that management needed to understand how I managed time to empower me with the right tools to accomplish large and small scale operations, the paradigm shift from burden to value add happened!  

6.     Seek and encourage changes if the collective whole would benefit.  To user another personal example, once I pointed out that I was required to enter the same data into multiple areas, we were able to modify a workflow so that only one point of entry was necessary.  Though CRM platforms are pieces of technology, they are configured by humans.  We all make mistakes!  By uncovering and fixing one, we actually generated some much needed excitement! 

7.     Be a self-starter! CRM is now the number one enterprise application investment, it is here to stay.  Be empowered enough to self-teach and share.  

8.     Are you leading by example? If you are a manager then promote it through using it in very visible ways. Meetings, presentations, dashboards and one on one periodical performance meetings. Seeing is believing so show off how you’re a CRM adopter and benefiting from it!  

9.     Are the reports you create or contribute to required? Make CRM reports work for you! Since roll up reporting is usually required and you use it to PLAN and TRACK so items don’t become out of sight out of mind, it’ll become a source of easily accessible INTELLIGENCE. You will become better prepared and more effective team player.  

Be careful though…you may just fall in love with your CRM and how it frees you up to focus more on the things that truly impact growing new and expanding existing relationships. So keep your CRM tool sharp, current and filled with accurate data and watch it give time back to your productivity.