As the world moves fast, we need everything on our finger tips wherever we are. Dynamics CRM is working to put everything right where we need it.
In Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 you can enable any entity for Mobile Express, which we will explore in this blog. 

Ready to begin?

1. Log in to Dynamics CRM (pictured below is Microsoft Dynamics CRM online), then go to Settings > Customization > Customize the System


2. If you want to enable Microsoft Dynamics CRM Mobile Express for “Lead”, then go to “Lead” entity and check the check box for  “CRM for Phones” and if you want to enable “Lead” for tablets also check the check box for “CRM for Tablets” also.



3. Once you check the check box in the side navigation pane click on “Forms” and open form, named as “Information” and type as “Mobile”.


4. Open the form and select which fields you want and which are required, you can also change the order of fields by Moving up and Moving down.  You can also set fields to read only by utilizing the Read Only button.


5. Once you select fields and their status “Save and Close” the form and Publish all the customization


Now let’s find out how the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Lead record looks

To access Dynamics CRM mobile just add /m at the last of Microsoft Dynamics CRM URL.

For an example:

By adding "/m" at last of URL we can test Dynamics CRM mobile express on our laptop/PC also without needing to use a mobile device. 

To check Mobile express on your PC or Laptop, access Dynamics CRM with added /m and provide User Name and Password for the log in. 

Below is the home page for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Mobile on laptop:


To open Lead record, simply click on Lead and select any record.

Below is the Lead record for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Mobile Express. You can Edit and Delete that record.


By clicking on Related Entities like Appointments, Email Messages, Letters, Phone Calls and Tasks you can see the associated records with Lead record.
Also, by clicking on Related Entities like Campaigns, Competitors and Notes you can see the associated records as well as you can create new records.

Stay tuned for my next blog in this series, which will further explore how to access dynamics CRM on mobiles and tablets!

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