As a public service to the rest of our CRM 2013 cloud colleagues, we wanted to get the word out as quickly as possible. We strongly recommend that you avoid installing or upgrading Social Insights (InsideView) in Dynamics CRM 2013 for a bit longer until the problem is fully resolved by the publishers. Read on for more details.

Latest Update 9/19/2014:

InsideView support has received a number of cases from Microsoft and Insights users about installing the latest v3.3 Insights package and setting up the service account, which is required to sync data into CRM. Please see below for status and resolution.

To Avoid the Installation Error:

  • Uninstall the old Insights solution before upgrading to the latest version
  • In some cases, customers have reported problems uninstalling the solution and were therefore being blocked from upgrading
    ALERT: Microsoft has fixed this issue with UR1, which is rolling out now. 

Service Account Error Resolution

Microsoft Dynamics 2013 customers who have installed the Insights v3.3 package may experience intermittent problems when creating the service account. There are three reported issues that may occur:

    • Service account gets automatically disabled in the CRM. Users will receive an ‘Access Denied’ error when attempting to sync/export.   
    • Service account gets stuck at 25%.  
    • Service account creation fails with an error ‘Error: 500: Internal Server Error: An unexpected error occurred.’

InsideView has escalated this issue to senior technical staff at Microsoft. They understand the severity of the problem and are working on a resolution.  

In the interim, customers who experience any problems should try resolving this first by clicking on the "Repair Now" link as seen in the image below. This will restart the process and hopefully resolve the issue.

If the problem persists, customers should contact Microsoft support.


Original Post: InsideView released a new update to Social Insights in early August (  We decided to uninstall our current version, and upgrade to this latest version late last week. The installation process encountered an error and after a few anxious debugging efforts with Microsoft they concluded this issue will not be resolved until the next service update, expected around the first week of September. Not exactly what we were hoping to hear. Alas, we will be without the use of Social Insights in our Microsoft Dynamics CRM system until then.

Looking for more information about sale intelligence options for your CRM? Check out this blog entry for more details about InsideView, and how it stacks up against other platforms on the market. 

NOTE: We are using Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online 2013 on a system version and database version of This isn’t the most recent version of the U.S.-based CRM 2013 cloud product (for some issues it’s very important to know what version you are on). We believe this issue is not dependent on system version as Microsoft has not made mention of this update working in any of the more recent system or database versions that are out there.

This information can be found in the gear wheel menu in upper right corner of UI under “About”


Again, we just wanted to get the word out and strongly recommend that you hold off on any uninstall or upgrade of Social Insights until around mid-September, or whenever the new service update is released, whichever comes first.

Feel free to post a question or comment back to us, if you are using InsideView Social Insights, or have any other questions pertaining to your CRM system.

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