In my previous blog I covered how to enable entities for use on Mobile and Tablets. In this blog I am going to cover how to access Dynamics CRM on mobile devices. For the purpose of demonstration, this post will discuss how to install and access Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013/2015 on the iPhone 5.

To start using Microsoft Dynamics CRM on your mobile follow below steps.

1. Go to App store and search for the Microsoft Dynamics CRM app for iPhone and download the app.

IMG_8498                        IMG_8499

2. After downloading the app, open the app and enter your organization's CRM URL.  

         IMG_8500                          IMG_8501

3. Once you enter the correct credentials, the “Welcome” screen will appear followed by the list of all entities which are enabled for Mobile. To access Accounts click on Accounts.

IMG_8502                         IMG_8503

4. Once you click on Accounts, the list of All Active Accounts will appear. To see Account details click on any Account record. From this screen a user can also Create a new account, Search for an existing account or Return to the Home screen.


5.  After clicking on an Account, the account information will appear. From this screen the user can Edit an account, Attach any image (stored in phone) to account, Delete account or Return to the Home screen.


6.  Change View: To Change the Account view go to Accounts and click on My Active Accounts. From the list of available views, select the desired view.


7. Related Entities: To access related entities associated with an account, go to the Account record and scroll down, the list of all related entities appears at the bottom. The user can click on any entity to display all of the related records.


8. Phone call and Email: To make a Phone call just click on the Phone number on the CRM record. To send an email, click on the email address and this will open the user’s default mailbox with the CRM record.

IMG_8505  IMG_8514

  9. Sign Out and Privacy: To sign-out from the Dynamics CRM account, click on the Upper Right carrot:


Stay tuned for my next blog in this series, which will further explore how to access Dynamics CRM on tablets. For more information about this blog or C5 Insight, contact us here!