In the first two blogs of this series we discussed how to enable Microsoft Dynamics CRM entities for Mobile/Tablet and how to access Microsoft Dynamics CRM online 2013/2015 via a mobile phone. Here is another blog in this series that will discuss how to access Microsoft Dynamics CRM online 2013/2015 on tablets. For demonstration purposes, we will be using a Microsoft Surface. To start using Dynamics CRM 2013/2015 on a tablet, please follow the steps below.

1. Go to the Store and search for the Microsoft Dynamics CRM App and install it.

Screenshot (2)        Screenshot (3)

2. Once you install Microsoft Dynamics CRM App, go to Start=>Apps and search for the Microsoft Dynamics CRM App.

          Screenshot (4)

3. Click on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM App to open it. Once the App is open, enter your Microsoft CRM organization URL and Credentials.

Screenshot (5)         Screenshot (6)

4. Once you are logged in and your organization is setup, you will see the screen below. This screen provides all of the information about your Dynamics CRM Activities, Open Opportunities, Open Leads, Active Accounts and Dashboards.

Screenshot (8)         Screenshot (9)

5. To create a new account record click on “+” sign or to see specific account record information, select the record.

Screenshot (10)         Screenshot (11)

6. Once you open an account record, you can view information about the account to include: Relationships, Activities, Social Profiles and Entitlements. The form also provides: Notes, Contacts, Recent Opportunities and Recent Cases related to Account.

7. Create Phone Call: To create a phone call in Dynamics CRM 2013/2015, click on the Phone Number in any CRM record, for an example here I clicked on the Account’s Phone number. I was asked to set the Priority and other pertinent information.

 Screenshot (12)

8. List View: To see all the records related to an entity, click on the View name.

Screenshot (9)          Screenshot (15)

9. Search:  To search for a record in Microsoft Dynamics CRM online 2013/2015 click on search icon(magnifying glass). This allows a  user to do a search. In below example I selected Account as filter and Account names beginning with “A”.


Screenshot (17)


10. Change View: To change the view in CRM, press and hold the account view to reveal the tool bar at the bottom of the screen which gives the user options to: Create a new Account, Select a View, Pin to Home, Pin to Start and Refresh.

Screenshot (22)

11. To see the list of available views click on Select View. Once you click on select view, a list of all available views appear. Users can select any view from the list.

Screenshot (23) 

12.  Side Pane: To see all the Entities and Dashboards for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013/2015 Tablet, click on Menu button in Right Upper corner. This will display all of the Entities and Activities enabled for the tablet.

Screenshot (19)

13. Close App: To close the Microsoft Dynamics CRM app on your surface, click on the top of the screen and click on close. This will close the App on your surface.

Screenshot (21)

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