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Internet Explorer 9, CRM 4.0 and CRM 2011


The beta of Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) is now available and I was trying it out both of the most recent versions of Dynamics CRM – it is definitely worth taking the time to download the free upgrade.

WARNING: Internet Explorer is in Beta right now - I do not recommend upgrading your browser until it is in full release (see notes at the bottom of this entry for more information).

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Getting More Real Estate on Your CRM 2011 Screen

The ribbon menu in Dynamics CRM 2011 is a very popular new addition. This puts many function of the application within reach of all users and presents an interface similar to other Microsoft Office products – resulting in a shorter learning curve.  But it does have one drawback … the ribbon takes up quite a bit of real estate on the screen and users often would like to have that space in order to see more of their form or list. Read on for some options for expanding the available real estate on the Dynamics CRM web forms.


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Solution: Can't create new attributes after changing domain name

A client of ours recently reported that they could no longer create custom attributes to an entity in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0. They received a generic "An error has occured" error message when the CRM administrator tried to do this.

After some investigation, we disocvered that they had changed the name of their network's local domain to reflect a change in their company's name. Their network folks went through all the proper processes to implement the change in the Active Directory domain name - except when it came to CRM.

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Dynamics CRM 2011’s Awe Inspiring Excel Export and Import Capabilities

Have you ever been working in CRM and wish you had a way to quickly create (or update) a bunch of records just like you can in Excel?  In many cases individuals just starting to use CRM are more comfortable with Excel spreadsheets and find that, while CRM offers many benefits over Excel, entering and updating records using Dynamics CRM can feel like it is slowing them down.

With Dynamics CRM 2011, Microsoft has rolled out significant enhancements for exporting and importing Excel data that makes data entry in Microsoft Excel a simple process for any user.  Read on to understand how this functionality is designed and how to put it to use!

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A Quick Look at OData

SharePoint 2010 and the upcoming Dynamics CRM 2011 are two of Microsoft's premier products that are leveraging the new Open Data protocol,or OData. At C5 Insight, we focus on SharePoint and CRM, so we're excited about diving into OData and finding ways to use it to enhance our clients' investments in these systems.

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Download the CRM 2011 Beta Now!

The download for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Beta is now available from the Microsoft Downloads site:

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CRM 2011 Beta Forum

The CRM 2011 beta is nearly here - just days, or perhaps hours, away. But the official forum for beta questions and feedback is already live:

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Microsoft CRM 2011 and Azure

With Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 soon to hit public beta release, there's more and more buzz about Microsoft's push into the cloud. Microsoft has been offering CRM as a cloud-based subscription service for several years now, but its restrictions on server-side plug-ins has lessened its appeal to developers and organizations with complex business requirements.

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CRM 4.0 Custom Page Edit Grid

In CRM some times you need to add custom pages to add functionality that does not natively exists.  Here is an example of a product edit grid iframed in the opportunity entity

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Bulk Edit Campaign Responses

Bulk editing records in Dynamics CRM can be a huge time saver.  But how to bulk edit Activity records and, in particular, those pesky Campaign Responses?  Responses typically need to be managed in bulk, but accessing this functionality is not a simple for these records as it is for other types.  Fortunately, it's just a couple of extra steps to bulk edit your Campaign Responses.  Read the full article for the scoop...

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Thanks to UR9 - You can update CRM data using Excel!

When CRM 4.0 was first released you could update CRM data via the Import wizard. But then, for no apparent reason, they took this feature away with UR1.

Well, they've added it back, apparently with Update Rollup 9.  Read full blog for additional information...

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CRM 2011: Breakthrough Functionality

It's the week after Microsoft unveiled Dynamics CRM 2011 at the Worldwide partner conference and my head is still spinning from all of the great new features and strategic improvements that will be coming soon. Read on to learn about a small number of the most powerful additions you can expect to see in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011.

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Get Your Head in the Clouds – with Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has been the subject of much conversation (and hype) for about a year now. Our 4 City Tour ( focused on this, as did some recent research with one of our partners (white paper forthcoming) and our partner has long led the charge in the cloud computing conversation.

This past week, cloud computing took center stage at Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) in Washington DC. From all indications, cloud computing will be the number one area of focus for Microsoft for the next 12 months (or more). So just what is cloud computing, why is it important to you and what is Microsoft doing that will impact it?  Let’s tackle each of those questions in sequence.

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CRM 5 Becomes “Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011” at Worldwide Partner Conference

Microsoft is making a number of groundbreaking announcements at the Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) this week - in particular relating to the upcoming release of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011.  Read the rest of the post to learn more.

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11 Habits of Effective Activity Management

Dynamics CRM Activity icon - not reallyThe failure to understand and execute an effective activity management process is a leading cause of poor CRM adoption.  There are a variety of issues that can make activity management confusing and frustrating for users in ANY CRM system.  In this posting, I've detailed 11 suggestions for improving your activity management process. 

This is only a starting point.  Proper use of Queues and Workflows - in particular - are areas that can also improve your activity management efficiency and results.

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Review: Scribe Insight 7.0 for Dynamics CRM Integration

Scribe Insight 7.0 was released just a few days ago. As many of you know, Scribe is an outstanding tool for data migration and systems integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM as well as for  I had the opportunity to get access to this release early and have been happily surprised by what I've seen.  This posting provides a brief overview of some of the updates and details on some of my favorite new functionality.

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Stay Tuned for News from WPC - CRM 5 and SharePoint 2010

We will be making a showing at Microsoft WPC in Washington DC from July 11-15 this year.  WPC - or Worldwide Partner Conference - is Microsoft's annual event targeted at their partner community.  Microsoft expects over 10,000 in attendance (in fact, I think I recently read that they had already surpassed that number).

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Web-to-Lead with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online

CRM Online Web-to-leadLast week I setup web-to-lead for one of our clients using CRM Online for the first time.  Compared to working with CRM On Premise, I must say that it was a bit of rude awakening.

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CRM Add-on for Outlook 2010 Prettied Up by Update Rollup 11

 just had the chance to install Update Rollup 11 for the Microsoft CRM Outlook client. (The update rollup is available here.) I use Outlook 2010 which Microsoft released just about a month ago (love it BTW), and this latest update rollup made a nice improvement in how Outlook 2010 displays the CRM add-in. Prior to this update, the add-in was displayed on a separate "Add-ins" tab on the Outlook ribbon.

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Welcome to the Re-Launch of the Ask Dynamics CRM Blog

After merging and holding 5 events in 4 cities in the last 6 months, we have migrated and re-launched our blog!  Welcome to the new AskDynamicsCRM blog.  If you want more information about what content was migrated and what to expect in the coming months, read on.

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Options for Data Migration and Integration

With Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 there are so many options for migrating, integrating and bulk updating data that it can be quite confusing. This entry presents many of the options and the appropriate time to use each.



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Workflow Rules Based on Due Dates

This article describes how to use the workflow in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 to trigger an action based on a date field in a CRM record.

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Use Dynamics CRM Workflows to Improve Mobile Phone Call Activity

Dynamics_CRM_Mobile_Phone_Call_Activity Are you (or your users) ever away from the office and you need to quickly make phone calls, that you’ve planned in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0, from your mobile phone? Do you find it painful to do this from your mobile device?

Wouldn’t you like to be able to just record a Phone Call Activity in CRM and have it put all the information you need (contact name, company name, phone numbers, etc) right into the task description so you can make the call with a single click?

This can be accomplished in CRM using Workflows. Read on to learn how.

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Quick Tip: Re-Using Data Maps in Data Migration Manager

When re-using data maps in Data Migration Manager, make sure the name of your source file is the same as the one you used when building the map

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Security Role Settings for Reassigning Activities and Cases

When your users contact you saying they cannot share a case or an activity with another user - the first thing to do is to check the basic security role settings for Cases, Appointments and related entities (such as Leads, Opportunities, Contacts - depending on what the Appointments are related to).  If those settings all appear to be correct (I won't try to document the correct settings here), then you should also check your Queue settings.


Yes, your queue settings.  On the Core Records tab.

Make sure that you have the security role set to read for the Organization.  See the image below.


You are probably asking, "Why the Queue entity?"  Activities and cases are both listed in your queues.  So if you haven't granted permission to read the Queue, then you can't assign your activities or cases to another person's queue. 

You may now be asking, "We don't use Queue's.  How can I get rid of the Queue item from the nav bar using Security Roles while still allowing users to reassign activities and cases?"  That's an easy one: You Can't.  But you can update the site map.

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