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Blog entries related to Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365 solutions such as Power BI, Microsoft Flow, Power Apps and Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams Tip: Why You Should Post, Not Chat

If you're using Microsoft Teams, it might be time to break this bad habit: Sending a Chat when you should be Posting to a Teams Channel.

Teams Tip: Post Don't Chat

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Unlocking the Mystery of Office 365 Government

Learn the distinct differences between the three Office 365 government cloud offerings (GCC, GCC High, and DoD) and the functionality available in each.

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Digital Etiquette: The 1-Second Productivity Boost You Need to Know

One click can create - or destroy - productivity. Learn the 1 second Microsoft Teams, Viva Engage and Outlook trick to boost productivity.

Microsoft Teams etiquette

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Making Magic in SharePoint with PowerShell for Beginners

Managing common SharePoint admin tasks can be tedious. Introducing—SharePoint Online Management Shell! In this article, we'll walk you through some simple PowerShell scripts that can “magically” perform actions and save you time.

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Update Your Microsoft Teams Picture for Free With Emojis and Icons

Pictures not only make your Team look better, but according to this study, they actually helps your users to more rapidly find your Team. Learn how to quickly access a huge library of beautiful pictures for your Microsoft Team.

Free icon pictures Microsoft Teams


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How to Teach Yourself Microsoft 365

Want to learn how to master Microsoft 365 tools? These tips will provide a framework for how you can prepare for and research its various features.


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M365 - Using Conditional Formatting for Agreement Expiration

Looking at a use case for leveraging SharePoint Document Library, we guide you through conditional formatting to highlight almost expired agreements or documents.

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Part 2: Forms Processing & SharePoint Metadata

Using our Forms Processing model built and trained in part one of this series, we'll show how to append the data as metadata in a Sharepoint Document Library. 


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Part 1: Forms Processing & SharePoint Metadata

In part one, we provide a detailed overview and instruction on how to build and train an AI Forms Processing model to use in a SharePoint Document Library.

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How Visionary Demos and LUCK Will Set Your Team Up For Success

System administrators can save time and foster a strategically-minded approach to an organization's work by creating a visionary demo using the LUCK system.

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Is Your Leadership Team Steering or Stifling Progress?

Steering committees aren't just responsible for high-level strategic planning. Learn how to utilize your team to execute the long-term vision for a platform.


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Hey Administrator, Don't Be An Order Taker

You have the power to be the driving force behind a partnership, not just an order taker. Learn how to prevent fragments in business trust and problem solve.

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Go Team! Just in Time Service Delivery

Want to work with a partner who always has a team member available with the right skills and schedule to meet your needs? Introducing Just in Time Service Delivery.

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Feature Review: Saving, Sharing, and Assigning Views in Advanced Find

So what happens when you build a stellar view that you can use again? Learn how to save, share, and assign views to other team members in Dynamics 365.


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Feature Review: How to Share Records in Dynamics 365

Learn how a user can allow another user access to a record they own or have rights to in Dynamics 365 using the Sharing feature.

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Feature Review: What Is Advanced Find in Dynamics 365?

For many, Advanced Find is THE method for getting data out of the system. For others, it's a confusing feature that can be easily confusing. Learn how to use Advanced Find in this step-by-step blog article.

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Microsoft 365 Teams and SharePoint Strategic Training - 50% Off

Get a 50% off coupon for 3 Microsoft Teams and SharePoint workshops and conferences from Advanced Learning Institute.

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5 Tips to Increase Your Corporate Data Integrity

Are you collecting the right data in the right place for the right people? If not, you're not alone. Learn five tips to foster corporate data integrity.

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How to Send Invites to the Right Attendees in Teams Channel Meetings

Have you ever wondered why members of a Microsoft Team sometimes don't receive an invitation to a Channel meeting? Learn how to send notifications to the right attendees.

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How to Paste a Picture into Microsoft Teams

Read this blog for a quick tutorial (with screenshots) to help you copy and paste images in Microsoft Teams.


How to Paste a Picture into Microsoft Teams women clicking mouse

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Best Practices for Governing Microsoft Teams

You've deployed Microsoft Teams and set up some general governance. Great! Now let's review some common questions around and when to use channels vs sub-teams in Microsoft Teams.

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Are Your SharePoint Workflows About to Stop Working?

 BREAKING NEWS: Microsoft recently announced that SharePoint 2010 Workflows will be retired in the next few months. Do you have a plan? Learn C5 Insight's professional recommendation.

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Microsoft Lists: Managing Lists in Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, and Microsoft 365

If you're using Microsoft 365, managing lists is about to get a whole lot easier. Learn seven capabilities of Microsoft Lists and four practical ways to start implementing them in your organization.


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Geoff Ables Receives Microsoft Most Valuable Professional Award

The C5 Insight team is thrilled to announce that Geoff Ables has recently been titled "Most Valuable Professional," receiving a Microsoft MVP award for his Microsoft Business Solutions expertise.

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The Engaged Digital Leader: 5 Ways Executives and Managers Can Improve Digital Engagement

What is the role of executives and managers when it comes to adopting digital engagement practices? Watch the free workshop on The Engaged Digital Leader and learn 5 practices to improve your digital leadership.

engaged digital leaders and managers 81% statistics

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